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  1. Julie Tomkins

    Send it. Many many questions unanswered here. I didn't realise the extent of you being fobbed off. My opinion? Total lack of communication between staff. Again opinion only but yes the manipulation COULD have made matters worse. If a consultant says that you will be contacted then you should be, especially in Lucy's condition and pain she has endured. Lack again of communication in the admn dept. This is a children's hospital they should have every child's best interest at heart especially those in severe pain, as there is obviously nerve involvement here. Also being close to the spinal cord!… You have not just been fobbed off once here. But time after time. Once is possibly excusable, many times is unforgiveable. I personally wouldn't let it rest there. Write to MP and even send notes to BMA.

  2. Dawn Hunter

    I agree also, SEND IT, make sure it is recorded and signed for, and I would also put a note at the bottom of the letter saying that this letter has also been sent to Central News and the Birmingham Evening Mail !!!! Massive hugs babes xxxx

  3. Rebecca Beesley

    Oh Anne what a difficult situation. So hard to have a child go through this and then to have to fight just to get her seen when she should be is a complete nightmare for you. When I was 10 I was in and out of hospital with (what was then an undiagnosed condition) and my poor mum had to deal with the battles of why things were missed / not spotted sooner / the right course of action etc etc. If you trust the consultant then i would say just try to get to see him ASAP (which i know you are doing) and voice your questions to him face to face otherwise I am guessing they could get defensive and become unhelpful (and it may not be his fault that you are not getting seen but the secretary or whoever is supposed to be arranging the appointments). If you don't feel they are doing the right thing in terms of the decisions they are making, then perhaps complaints etc might work but is there an alternative consultant she could see? We'll be thinking of you and praying for you this week for a quick outcome to getting that appointment! x

  4. ppbear

    Send it but also add in that as Lucy was atbthe appointment with you and knows about the missing bone etc etc she is extremely distressed and in need of reassurance and answers

    praying for you yo have the strength you need to get through the next steps and hope you get some answers soon.

    Much love gentle hugs and plenty of prayers xxx

  5. Jen @mymummyspennies

    I agree with the other commenters please do send this. It brings tears to my eyes to read what you have been through and you really need some answers. I hope that you get both the answers and necessary treatment very soon.

  6. Laura

    It sounds like you need answers so I would send the letter. The NHS is over-stretched, but I don't think that's an excuse for leaving you in limbo like this. There must be better communication between doctors and patients. I'd hold off sending the letter to the media / your MP / the Health Ombudsman though until you've given them a chance to respond. But, if you're not satisfied by their answer, definitely take it as far as you think it needs to go.

  7. Emma T

    Sounds awful treatment with the lack of communication being a big issue. Might be worth sending it to PAL as well,you mentioned you'd already spoken to them, but they should be able to get somewhere with communication from the consultant via a complaint.

    Hope you get it solved soon for her.

  8. pixiedusk

    Send it. I dont know how I can help to make your voice heard but if theres anything that i can do just say it. This is something serious and your daugter needs attention. Goodness! #pocolo

  9. Victoria Welton

    You need to send this. No doubt whatsoever. You are her Mum, you know her best and this man NEEDS to listen to you. You need answers. I hope this works and you get the answers.Sometimes you need to shout really loud to get them. All the best my lovely, this must be such a worry for you. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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