A New Set of Wheels and a New Lease of Life

We had not had a car for a couple of years. I had a bad experience buying a second hand car privately and ending up with a complete death trap which had cost me a small fortune and I’d had to scrap it. It not only left me broke but it put me off getting a new car. We did get used to it but it wasn’t easy, especially since Star got sick. Hospital visits where a nightmare, and it was even worse when she was admitted. We found ourselves pleading for lifts from friends and even friends of friends at times of need.

So when we had the opportunity to have a new car I realised that it would make a real difference to our lives, and it has already. We used to spend day after day, week after week indoors. Well, I’d walk the other two to school and back but mostly it was Star stuck inside. We could use public transport if she felt up to it, but she found bus journeys would make her feel sick and sore. We had to stay out of the rain, and in the winter couldn’t go out in the cold because of her halo which she can’t get wet, or cold. Then even if she was well enough to go out we had to put up with all the stares from others, or the constant questions.

Now we have a car we can go out when we please. We don’t even have to get out of the car, at least we are out of our house. We don’t have to worry about the weather, or how far we will have to walk. Or even how much time for the journey. Waiting for buses can increase your travel time by a considerable amount.

It’s going to be so much better next time Star is admitted, we will be able to drop the other two off at relatives rather than having to split up to save journey time. And there will be no need to plead for a lift when Star is unable to take public transport because she’s not very well, or if we have to be at the hospital real early.

I chose my new car with Star in mind. She can’t bend much at the moment and won’t be able to bend like a normal person once the halo is removed either. The halo takes up a lot of room too, so we were looking for something with lots of headroom and easy access. That’s why I chose the Ford B Max with it’s sliding doors at the back. There is not middle post when the front door is also open, so loads of room. Star can get in and out without bending much at all.

The back seat has plenty of room for our car seats too. The Little Man has a full size car seat with a harness because of his age. The two girls could get away with booster seats but when I put Boo in one the seatbelt still needed an adjuster, so I decided to get them high back boosters. Star is big enough for a normal booster but with her neck being so fragile I decided that a high back booster would give her the extra support she needs.

Image borrowed from Babydino.com using CC

This high back booster from Maxi Cosi has air protect technology to protect the head and neck, just what Star requires. It also grows in height and width so it’s perfect for the older child. It also has extra protection for her back and hips which is ideal. Some people have asked me why I have car seats for my older children when just a booster will do, well, I’d rather be safe than sorry and these seats are designed for use up to 12 years or 36kg. Star really does need the extra protection with her fragile joints.

So now we are all safely installed in our new set of wheels and planning a summer full of visiting friends and trips out. When Star has her halo removed we may even attempt a trip to the beach, something we thought we wouldn’t be doing this year.

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  1. August 10, 2014 / 8:08 pm

    So pleased for you that you got your new car. I always prefer the car seats with proper head support too. And Maxi cosi has been a brand we've bought for all three of our children x

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