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  1. Debbie Johnson

    Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry! I hope you recover and you do manage to balance things to make them obsolete. Mine returned after 15 years, and whilst I have some good medication- I hate them- I've found diet, exercise, and sleep do keep them at bay- but it's not that simple when life is factored in. Good luck and good health x #WotW

  2. Alexandra Mayhew

    Poor you Anne 🙁 I too am a fellow sufferer- I get them very frequently and the medication is horrid 🙁 Just make the most of the good days and know your limits 🙂 Feel better X

  3. The Reading Residence

    Oh no, horrible word. I don't suffer from them regularly, but hate them when they do come along. I hope the doctors come up with something for you soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW and here's hoping you don't need to have this word again!

  4. Lisa from Lisas Life

    I have chronic vestibular migraines so I totally feel your pain, no normal medication works so trying a nightly preventative but they all leave me so tired. Getting them in clusters must be truly awful, I do hope they disappear for you soon x

  5. Leigh Kendall

    Poor you – I don't suffer from. Ingrained myself fortunately but know others that do, and understand how debilitating they can be. I hope you get some help to manage them soon. #WotW

  6. Louisa

    How awful for you. I am lucky to not suffer with migraine but my husband gets them occasionally and they put him totally out of action. He finds chocolate cause his. x

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