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  1. Vicki Montague

    Great tips! I love the kids helping in the kitchen but they don't do it often at the moment for some reason! Great idea for a linky so thanks for letting me know about it x

  2. pixiedusk

    Aww lovely tips! We love the bake those ready mix boxed cupcakes! My son loves to make them and its so much fun to see him so keen on doing it. #pocolo

  3. Rebecca Beesley

    Thanks for the lovely mention. Love your tips – I have a draft post with cooking with kids tips but it's likely to stay in my drafts folder for some time more as I never get enough time for blogging much these days. Will pop over to read your cake cetera recipe. X

  4. kid GL loves

    The Mother says – Some fab tips here. We're rather big fans of cooking in our home and Lucas is definitely my Chef Du Jour!!! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

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