Neckerchews – a Review

When my son was a baby I always used to say he could play for England because he dribbled so much. One time I counted no less than sixty bibs on my washing line. That was a long time ago.
My next big dribbler turned out to be my second daughter, with a constant sore chin and wet neck. I tried all sorts of bibs, but mostly we ended up with a muslin cloth around her which she would also chew on. We didn’t know it at the time but she was Autistic and Autistic children tend to chew and dribble for a lot longer than most children. It can be difficult to find bibs that fit. Even weaning bibs are not really made for dribblers, they tend to be more rigid for catching food.

Cheeky Chompers have come up with a fabulous bandanna style bib called a Neckerchew that is not only bigger than a regular bib but also has a attached teether which is BPA free and competely safe for chewing.

Neckerchews come in three sizes, baby, child and adult. They are reversible so you get two designs. They also have an absorbent middle layer that locks in moisture and keeps it away from the skin to avoid irritation.

I was sent a child size Neckerchew in the Flutterby design of cerise pink with purple butterflies on one side, and purple on the other. The first thing I noticed was how soft the fabric was, the poppers where embedded in the fabric to add to the comfort of wearing them. Comfort is a big issue for my daughter has she has had surgery on her neck. The Neckerchew does not look like a bib, it is really attractive. We do try to encourage my daughter to chew less and have recently taken away her chewing necklaces. She does still however chew her digits (fingers and toes) and we can’t take them away!

My final word….I wish I had discovered the Neckerchew sooner!

I was sent a Neckerchew in return for my honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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