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  1. Steph Curtis

    Oooh, great minds think alike – I have a half written post similar to this just waiting for back to school so I can finish it!! I have been rethinking the sharing thing of late, but agree with you that a bit of sharing is what makes the stories more readable. I never was one for cloak and dagger sort of stuff! My main concern is also around my girls and what could be linked back to/used against them. Food for thought xx

  2. Gemma Allen

    It's a hard one, I don't write in my blog anything that I wouldn't tell someone at the bus stop if that makes sense. I worry about the kids and like you as they get older they will feature less

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Yes, that makes sense, it's a good way of putting it. Although, when my daughter was in her halo we found people at the bus stop very nosey! On the other hand, in situations like that I'd rather people ask than just stare or whisper. (the halo is a surgical brace which is screwed into the skull and attached to the body by a big plastic vest)

  3. Erica Price

    I think I'm quite like you in the level I share online and I feel comfortable with that level. Other people share more or less, but I think it's a very personal thing. I like Gemma's comment about sharing what you would share at the bus stop – that seems about right.

  4. Kara Guppy

    I don't share everything and my teen has asked to not feature now so I don't. I used names from the start and it seems silly to stop using them now. I do worry but do search the kids full names on Google from time to time and nothing is linked to my blog.

  5. Clare Nicholas

    A very good post and it does provoke food for thought.
    I've always been a chatter box and don't tend to ads anything to my blog which I wouldn't tell others I'm person.
    I do regret using the kids names from the start but too late now really

  6. Clare Nicholas

    A very good post and it does provoke food for thought.
    I've always been a chatter box and don't tend to ads anything to my blog which I wouldn't tell others I'm person.
    I do regret using the kids names from the start but too late now really

  7. Nadine Hill

    We all have to decide what we are comfortable with. I wouldn't put anything on the blog that I would be worried about someone overhearing in public and I refer to my children as 'my son' and 'my daughter' in writing on the blog as I didn't want to create their digital footprint too soon. My mum is like your friend – she can't understand why anyone would want to broadcast their lives, but she doesn't realise that I don't give away the very personal stuff – that is just for us.

  8. Ruthy Jenkins

    It sounds like you're taking a sensible approach and doing what is right for you.

    I've learned to be very careful, after having a boss who found out about my blog my blog and did not approve. It made me realise that things may not come across as you expect.

    As a rule of thumb, I don't say anything on my blog or facebook that I wouldn't want people to find via Google. I'm also conscious that people can copy and paste, or capture screen shots, and take things out of context.

  9. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure

    I share what I am comfortable with, and like you, there is so much that I don't write about. I do find myself already writing more about the baby than the four year old as he gets ready for school, but I have friends who share far more on facebook than I do on my blog

  10. Debbie Johnson

    It is such a difficult one- as, like your birth story, I think a lot of it is about reasurrance- on so many levels. I discovered blogging because I was googling something about one of my boys as a newborn and found blogs which were reassuring, and I still think blogs have a wonderful role to play, censoring yourself is definitely the best way of remaining in control, I started over and no longer use the children's names, but have no doubt if anyone wanted to look hard enough it would be easy to find them.

  11. anthea barton

    What we share or don't share is such a personal decision and I struggle sometimes to know what's for the best and if I'm lining my children up for a fall. It will be interesting to read the fall out from the first generation of babies that have had their lives mapped out in black and white for all to see

  12. Lucy Dorrington

    My Dad told me recently that he read my blog. This is the first time a family member has ever mentioned it, taken an interest in it, and definitely admitted to reading it! To be fair, he was very compimentary about it, which was nice, but it does make me think of this fact every time I write something now! Which is a good thing, I think. I believe it's a good idea to picture different sections of people reading what you write before you publish it!

  13. Rebecca Smith

    I share quite a lot but I am careful not to share things like exactly where we live (I give more of a generalised area) and stuff like that. There will be no pictures of Jack in his uniform unless I can edit out the badge etc x

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