Sassy Kids Box – Birds

The Little Man received a new Sassy Kids box and was instantly excited. He knows now that the red box through the letterbox means lots of fun activities to do.

This time the theme was birds and as well as the activity sheet he was provided with, a little bag of cereal and raisins, ribbon and a pipe cleaner, a pack of stickers, a colouring sheet and Fun Facts card with a good deed challenge.

The main activity was to make a bird feeder and the Little Man couldn’t wait to get started. He threaded the cereal and the raisins onto the pipe cleaner, it’s a good job there was plenty because quite few found their way into his little mouth! bird feeder
He was really happy with the finished result. bird feeder
We hung it in the garden for the birds to enjoy. bird feeder
The bonus activity was to make some tasty bird’s nests.
For this we needed 200g milk chocolate, 85g shredded wheat, mini chocolate eggs and 12 cupcake cases.
We didn’t have shredded wheat so I substituted cornflakes.
Here is the Little Man hard at work in the kitchen. birds nest cakes
And here are the end results birds nest cakes
They were a big hit with everyone and he has promised to make us some more.
Also on the sheet was a Extra Fun learn to draw activity where he was shown how to draw a blackbird and a Family Fun Scavenger Hunt sheet. We do love a good scavenger hunt so we are saving this for the weekend and are hoping to go to the park.
Being a member of the Sassy Kids Box club means the Little Man gets his own little parcel in the post each month. Each box contains a main activity with ideas for at least three other activities as well as a colouring sheet and a Fun Facts/Good Dead card. He also gets an extra little gift, this time it was a pack of fun stickers.
Each Sassy Kids Box costs £3.99 plus 99p delivery, your first box costs just £1.99 plus delivery.
Visit Sassy Kids Box Club for more details.
Disclosure: we receive our Sassy Kids Box for free in return for sharing our thoughts and opinions.

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