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  1. victoria welton

    Oh dear! Sorry to hear he is playing you up! It sounds like he really enjoyed his beach trip 🙂 x

  2. claire

    Aww lovely picture. Love Blackpool! We went to the seaside last week but never visited the sea as the weather was so bad :(I can not wait to go again!

  3. coombemill

    Aww, bless, I would stay well behaved if I was him, hehe, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  4. shazjera

    Is he deep in thought Anne?

    I hope school are supporting him … with my Inclusion Lead hat on I would be finding out what is driving those behaviours at school. We have children with separation anxiety – what is he like when you leave him in the morning?

    I hope he gets to Weston-Super-Mare tomorrow! (Shaz from Jera's Jamboree) x

  5. raisiebay

    Thank you Shaz, he was better behaved and we are just about to pick him up from his trip. I could be separation anxiety, I'd not though of it like that because I always used to take him to school and he was fine, but since Christmas I have been ill and I can no longer take him to school. It seems he has gradually got worse since then. x

  6. shazjera

    Sorry to hear you have been ill since Christmas Anne. Gentle hugs for you.

    Oh yes, that is definitely behind his behaviour. Such a change for him. And he is probably worried about you being ill too so he wants to be with you to make sure you are ok. I think we often forget how children see and feel about the world. Is there someone at school who can help him work out his feelings? He probably doesn't know himself …

    I hope he's had a fab trip x

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