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  1. Let kids be kids

    Positivity is great and always lovely to read about, it helps spread the positivity and happiness. I don't share everything either, what I write is always true, just some of the other stuff gets filtered out. I also don't want my children later on to read lots of negative things about them, I want them to remember the good things. Positivity is a good way to go. x

  2. Northumberland Mam

    Ahh! Well I think you are a special person….I think your positivity is wonderful and it makes your blog a pleasure to read. I think regular readers of your blog know as an example that with your illness everything isn't hunky dory (I love that phrase too) and understand that you are not going to share everything. I don't share everything. It would just depress people if I did….lol

  3. Rainbowsaretoo

    I think I've got it….quite often my really honest stuff (not that the rest is a lie it's just not laid bare) is a bit miserable. Must try to be more positive. I think @downsideup said that was the best was to be a good campaigner too recently. You guys are probably onto something (good).

  4. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, I didn't read the full article about what Noel said, but I read enough to known that he let himself down. My Dad said that being positive helped him get through having cancer (and being cured), but he never once claimed that being positive cured him (there's a definite difference).

    I think we chose whether or not to have a positive outlook and the way we view the world plays a big part in who we become… And just because you are having an off day or a down day, doesn't mean you aren't a positive person it just means you're human And I like human…. Being honest can be a stress reliever too, because as soon as you are honest you don't have to pretend otherwise.


  5. carolcliffe

    I agree with you, the more you can stay positive, the better the outlook seems, and the better you can get through the messy stuff. I often see people comment on Facebook about 'people's lives can't possibly be that rosy and wonderful' (or hunky dory!), and I think to myself, no, they're probably not, but like you said, who wants to read everyone's moans and groans. Occasionally it's helpful, but I'm with you and trying to stay mostly positive! #WotW

  6. Sarah Christie

    This is fab, of course not the beginning, not your struggles but how you deal with it. I ma too honest most probably but I hate lies, and cant lie myself. yet I am also so positive, my hubby calls it Sarah's world because I always think things will come good and believe in positive outcomes x

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