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  1. rebeccabeesley

    it's a really complex thing isn't it. I remember D saying 'Why does J have to have burgers in his brain?' when he was younger as he'd heard us talking of J having aspergers. J too has had obsessions since young – i remember him really thinking he was peter rabbit and insisting on calling D 'cottontail'. Then of course Moshi was a HUGE obsession for him – for those not familiar with it, it was like he was talking a different language as he memorised all the seed combinations to get the various moshlings. Now it is gaming – whether its tomodachi life, yokai, or whatever he is currently playing – it becomes all he talks about to the point that we all switch off from listening. Like you say all we can hope for is that they'll look out for each other as they grow up. i really love that top photo of them. x

  2. raisiebay

    ah bless, 'burgers in his brain' I actually like that, it really fits my Aspie who would have burgers every day if we let him. xx I love the top photo too, I've had it made into a canvas for my wall. x

  3. dragonriko

    Lovely photos. I can relate to the obsessions, Polar Bear has always had them but since I do too it didn't seem unusual to me. Now Monkey is going down the same path with Thomas the Tank Engine (we're all practically experts on the subject haha). Luckily the two older boys will play with each other, although there are lots of arguments because Monkey won't share and Polar Bear wants to be in charge, Ton just sits and laughs at it all 😀 I hope in the future your kids can find something they all like together xx

  4. AngelaHamilton

    Lovely photos. My kids are 6 and 4 and my oldest is just going into primary 3 so likes to argue with his sister who is going into pre-school year at nursery. She is a right little madam though and refuses to share

  5. coombemill

    I think it is wonderful that your older two look out for each other, mine all do too even if they fight at home. The ranges in our house sound much the same and that's without autism in the mix, Iike you I hope as they grow they will become good friends and still choose to see one another.

  6. Rachel

    I read a lot of posts about autism and I just wish there was so much more known on the subject, I know each child is different and of the two I know, one hates anything that is yellow and he literally freaks out and the other is ore OCD and everything has to be straight and neat but unless you knew them and their circumstances, it would be hard pressed to know if there was an issue x

  7. Sarah Ebner

    This is such an honest, moving post. And yes, I think if your kids are there to help each other, that is such a positive – all families have their issues.

  8. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    They will all change and develop into different people as they grow and even if they may seem distant, you can't argue with the fact that you are family. Hopefully you may see them grow back together and find a shared interest in the future.

  9. Erica Price

    I think siblings go through stages of not getting on so well, even many years, but in my experience it all came good in the end. Hopefully, it will with your children too.

  10. TheMadHouse

    It is really hard to deal with this. It is something that we are trying to deal with as Mini prob is on the spectrum. Maxi is so sick of Harry Potter. Mini can recite the movies and the books word for word, all five of the books! I hope as they get older they understand each other a little more and become more tolerant of difference.

  11. gymbunnymummy

    It must be so hard for all of you.We have an 11 year age gap between our boys so we don't have the usual sibling arguments but throwing Autism into the mix makes it all so much harder #SpectrumSunday

  12. Lynne

    It was good to read a sibling post – I have four children and there's only 5 years between the eldest and the youngest (who are twins). There has always been a lot of arguing but also a lot of times where at least some of them are getting on well. A lot of the arguments start and then escalate when my son with autism tries to make and enforce rules – it's getting a lot easier now that they are getting olde but it's been exhausting at times! #SpectrumSunday

  13. Lady Nym

    It's really interesting to look at different sibling dynamics, especially when you throw something like autism into the mix. There's three years between my brother and I and then a big age gap between us and my sisters. Only one of my sisters has an actual ASD diagnosis but I suspect all four of us are on the spectrum, really. We all have very different relationships but I like to think we'd always be there for each other if needed.

    My two flit between being thick as thieves and best of friends to screaming at each other and seeming to resent the other's mere existence! I think their autism brings them closer together (the age gap is small enough they will probably share some obsessions) but also makes it harder (sometimes their sensory needs clash spectacularly and one having a meltdown can trigger the other).

    Lovely post.


  14. stephstwogirls

    Aww fab pics. We have Roblox fans here too, and similar sibling issues (as in, one trying to control the other, a lot!). Not heard of Yo Kai – do I want to go and check that one out?! 😀

  15. Clare

    I love watching the relationships change between my boys. Sometimes Hayden is all about his brothers and other times he doesn't even realise they are present. Thank you so much for linking up to #spectrumsunday, we are back at 5pm Sunday, I hope you join me again lovely xx

  16. Mummy Endeavours

    Aww it's strange when siblings are awkward with each other sometimes. My Teen (17) can be quite nasty to my daughter (11) for no apparent reason and it upsets me. Whereas my twins and daughter get along so well. It's just dynamics I guess. My twins love Roblox x

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