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  1. rebeccabeesley

    i love your tip about treating it like an adventure! My top tip would be to use storytelling – you don't need any books – just use your imagination and experiences to tell stories and the kids enjoy joining in too and it keeps them occupied without needing too many gadgets and props.

  2. sue cotton

    Be prepared, especially in winter, don't go out without a coat, keep a shovel in the boot and remember a supermarket canvas bag under your back wheels will get you out in you are stuck in the snow, don't stop, keep going!

  3. Laura Kevlin

    Try to cover all bases – food, snacks, drinks, entertainment, sun hats AND blankets to cover changes in temperature, sun shades on the windows, travel potty, hand gel, spare water, change of clothes. Have more stops than you think you need and make sure the kids run around a bit to stretch their legs

  4. Jayne Kelsall

    I always make sure I have drinks in the car because the kids always seem to get thirsty, also snacks for long journeys, and a newspaper for my youngest to sit on as he always gets travel sick .x

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