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  1. sarahmo3w

    It sounds like a difficult time for you. What a young age to lose your dad. My husband lost his at 13 and I always find it terribly sad and rather strange to think that my son has had a dad alive longer than my husband has 🙁
    This photo reminds me so much of photos of me and my brother with our cousins at my Nana's house. The decor and clothes are almost identical!

  2. raisiebay

    I've seen the wallpaper many times, it's even been making a bit a comeback as retro wallpaper! I don't think I'd go for it again…although I did love the huge flower wallpaper we had all over the kitchen 🙂

  3. Tara

    Sorry to hear it was such a hard time for you. So sad to lose your dad so young.

    Your photo is so nostalgic. The wallpaper/carpet combo is ace, it reminds me of my granddad's house (although it looked just like that in the early 90s!) #MySundayPhoto

  4. shazjera

    I can't begin to imagine how your lives turned upside down Anne but you do have my empathy. Sometimes it's good to reflect as a way of moving forward.

    I would have recognised you from your profile picture on here!

    I remember the decor of the time very well … no duvets either but blankets and hot water bottles …


  5. Photalife

    Love looking back at old photos. Love the carpet and wallpaper, we don't have style like this anymore

    Thank you for linking up

  6. victoria welton

    I love old photos – and this brings back memories of my own childhood during the 70s – those clothes and that wallpaper! Your live must have been hard for quite some time x

  7. rebeccabeesley

    what a brilliant retro photo – sorry it was a difficult time for you. There is something about that style of decor that I find comforting – I actually think i love books like 'the tiger who came for tea' because they remind me of that sort of era. x

  8. nessjibberjabberuk

    Gosh I can't imagine losing a parent at such as young age. You never know what is round the corner each day. On a much brighter note we had horrendous orange & brown and blue & turquoise 70's wallpaper in both our living and dining rooms! What was even worse was my mum and nan covered the box I had to take to school with our harvest festival offerings in it!

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