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  1. Merlinda Little

    I bought my son new shoes again as he would damage them by using them as breaks on his bike or scooter! So I know your pain. School shoes are so expensive!

    Sounds like you had a nice time except for the shoe incident!

    Happy Birthday to your Eldest =)


  2. Reading Residence

    How very strange! Where is that shoe?! It'll probably randomly turn up in a few weeks time. Glad the birthday was fun and that dessert looks delicious! I hope the assembly goes well, sounds like a fun day of dressing up! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. rebeccabeesley

    how strange about the missing shoe! So glad the secondary school day went well and sounds like the birthday celebrations were enjoyable too. x

  4. Northumberland Mam

    Oh dear. How strange loosing one shoe and very annoying having to buy new one's so close to the end of term….I found myself super gluing my youngest girls shoes earlier this week because I refuse to buy new one's before the holidays. hehehe
    Ahh! I'm so glad Star liked her new school….It's always a worry when they start a new school.
    Oh wow! That dessert looks amazing! Yum!
    I hope you had a great day today at the assembly. What fun 😀 x

  5. raisiebay

    I have to confess we didn't manage to finish off that dessert, it was a pizza cookie and it was seriously the size of a pizza! The assembly was brilliant, thanks 🙂

  6. raisiebay

    I really didn't want to buy new, but I couldn't have her hopping to school could I, lol.
    It looks like they won't even last the rest of the school year in one piece though, best find her other one soon. x

  7. mummyhereandthere

    Argh how frustrating, kids shoes make me feel argh! But at least that pudding looks divine X #wotw

  8. carolcliffe

    I love your shoe story! Things disappearing at home drive me mad because you just know they have to be there somewhere! I have a big school shoe dilemma as ours never last long either. Not sure whether to spend big and go for high quality, hoping they will last a little longer, or buy cheap so at least I haven't lost too much when I have to replace them regularly?!? #WotW

  9. optrixxaris1

    Oh that is definitely frustrating. My plimsolls went missing from school once. I can truly understand the frustration of losing things. Have a good time watching the assembly. #WotW

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