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  1. rebeccabeesley

    So sorry you've been going through this. The first physio i had when i was aged 10 told me that no-one knows my own body as well as i do and that i'm the best judge of what's feeling right and what isn't. I still get it wrong sometimes and when i overdo it one day, i pay the price with back pain between the next 1 day up to 3 weeks. But I think most the time i get it right and i know what i can and can't do so i know i will never be able to do proper sports for example but i live with that as part of me nowadays. But i can relate to what you mean about wanting to please them. When i went for my latest physio sessions a few years back, they wanted me to walk on the treadmill and i just knew that would be awful for my back so i refused and i feel confident it was the right decision. Hope you recover from this episode following your physio and remember you know your body best (although i realise it must be a learning curve you are going through at the same time). You are really strong and you will recover – i know you will. Just don't rush it. xxxx

  2. raisiebay

    Thank you for your kind words Rebecca. I've been feeling torn between feeling like a failure for not wanting to continue and feeling angry with myself for not telling my therapist that I'd had enough. I don't have physio this week and I'm seeing someone else next week. The first question I'm always asked is how I felt after the last session, I'm just going to be honest. xx

  3. awetismblog

    I can understand completely why you felt deflated and like giving up. Pushing yourself is good, but not at any cost. I hope it is better next time. Keep up the hard work, it sounds like you've come far and are doing really well. It's important your therapist knows how you felt after last time too. Good luck with your next session, hopefully you will feel a little more positive after talking about what happened last time! #anythinggoes
    (For some reason this won't let me sign out from my old blog name and post under my current one – Upside Mum)

  4. Janet @AWM

    Anne, this sounds terrible. I think sometimes, physio can be brutal. I don't have a medical condition but I have had to have physio before and I've found it harsh and demotivating. It sounds like you are suffering and sometimes we just need others to be supportive – it sounds like you are doing really well so don't give up! Go at your own pace but show her who's boss! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes and I really hope you have a better session next time. 🙂 Janet

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