The Bee – A Boolino Book Review

I love being a Boolino Book reviewer, it means we get lots of lovely books to read and I don’t believe you can ever have enough books!

The latest book we were sent was The Bee and it was perfect for the Little Man.
The Bee is from My First Discoveries, Moonlight Publishin, and delves into the life of bees and how they live and behave.

First Impressions

The book is hardback with card pages. It is a spiral bound book but the rings are covered on the outside. It is sturdy and will last well. The illustrations, by Ute Fuhr and Raoul Sautai are detailed and colourful and will keep the young reader fascinated. There are also some transparent pages which reveal hidden surprises, like the inside of a beehive, or what the bee does once inside a flower.


Aimed at 4-8 years my Little Man falls in the middle at 6 years. He read the book to me fairly easily with only a couple of word he stumbled on. He is a very good reader though and the book would probably have to be read to  younger readers. The text is written to give you short bursts of information and is written around the illustrations which take priority.

The Story

This is a non-fiction book which gives lots of information about bees, how they collect their pollen and build their hives. Also, how they communicate with each other and look after one another. It gives a really nice introduction of the life of this little insect. There is lots to learn but it’s kept interesting and the illustrations help to get the message across. 

Our Verdict

The illustrations make this book special and the Little Man really liked the addition of the transparent pages. It was a delightful little book to look at and we learned a lot about bees. 
You can buy the book from Boolino for £6.29.

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Disclosure: We were sent this book for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are purely my own and I like to give an honest opinion.

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