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  1. Rachel Craig

    Unsure as yet, as this task is a new one. Little one may wish to have some choice in the matter also.

  2. Helen Tovell

    We don't do this now my daughter is at high school as they have so many teachers for all the different subjects it might be different when she leaves

  3. Marc H

    I don't have any kids but i would probably just go chocolates if i had to choose. Everybody likes chocolate.

  4. Alison Johnson

    My son has just finished his GCSE's & absolutely hated the school, but one math teacher who was also a deputy head helped him no end & he's getting her some flowers.

  5. Lisa Wilkinson

    She's leaving her nursery after a wonderful few years and I actually ordered one of these Cadbury's treasure boxes yesterday 🙂

  6. Ashley Phillips

    We haven't bought gifts this year, my daughter has made her teacher and lsa's personalised cards thanking them for what they have helped her with this year

  7. Rebecca Shelton

    I haven't this year as my youngest has just started secondary and they have a multitude of teachers.

  8. Ellen Stafford

    My niece is leaving primary school this year. The parents in the class have decided to plug together and get a gift voucher for the teachers.

  9. Jade Hewlett

    I don't have children but I work with them and I always like a homemade card as its a nice thought and nice to remember them by and read the lovely messages from parents.

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