My Sunday Photo 20th January 2019

I was sifting through my photos trying to find something to share that wasn’t of the kids or the cats and having very little luck. Then I spotted this photo I took from the car while, in very slow moving traffic, on the way home from the hospital.

Admittedly it’s not the best of photographs, but I think it means a lot to me. This factory was where a few members of my family have been employed. I mostly remember my auntie working there and she had a special pass for the shop which she would share with my Mum. At Easter, my Mum would go along and buy a load of yummy Easter Eggs at a much cheaper price than in the shops.

Every summer, there is a fete held on the grounds in front of the factory. They have a big fairground and fireworks in the evening. We’ve been many times, particularly when my older kids were younger as it always seemed to fall around my daughter’s birthday. What a great treat for her.

About 30 years ago, they opened a brand new visitor centre right next door which is very popular with people far and wide. It actually took me around 25 years to visit it, but we’ve been several times since and experienced it in both summer and winter time.

Also, around 12 years ago we spent a whole afternoon looking for a geocache which was hidden in a tree near here. (Just right of the photograph.) I learned so much more about the area on that visit, including that all the trees are numbered! When we found the tree we were looking for I was keen to be the one to retrieve the geocache. So, I put my hand into the hole of the tree and straight on top of a frog who was guarding the little box of treasure.

The factory was the first in its chain and its produce is known in many countries around the world. The whole area around it was built by the factory for it’s workers and is still very much unchanged. When you pull into the local train station everything is painted in purple.

Do you know what factory it is yet? One last clue, it smells divine!

bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk

It’s the Cadbury factory in Bournville, Birmingham.

Sunday Snap

Advent Calenders 2018 Part Two

I previously wrote about some unusual advent calendars you can buy this year, from pork crackling to coffee pods! This time I’m going a little more conventional with chocolate and alcohol. Better hurry though, it’s nearly December!


The kids always love a chocolate advent calendar so here’s a few of my favourites for the kids and adults, with some fabulous money saving bargains to boost.

Have more than  one kid and forever getting their advent calendars mixed up? Why not get a personalised one from Thorntons, you can even buy 3 for 2 saving up to £20. Here’s the Snowman personalised Advent Calendar for £7.

The Rituals Advent Calendar is my personal favourite from Thorntons. Not only is it full of delicious delights, it’s also incredibly pretty. At £12 it’s also part of the 3 for 2 deal.

Get all of your Cadbury Favourites in the Heroes Advent Calendar and at the moment you can get £1 off making it £8.98

Or maybe you want to go with the traditional choice of a Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar. Currently priced at £2.19.

Alcoholic Advent Calendars

I will admit, I’ve never tried an alcoholic advent calendar, I’ve had chocolate, cosmetics and even stationary, but alcohol is something I’ve yet to enjoy. I think it would be nice to open one after the kids have gone to bed and have a tipple. Of course they tend to come with a higher price tag too! I think I may stick to chocolate (or pork crackling) but here’s a few I’ve found to share.


Gin is very popular at the moment, as are gin Advent Calendars. This Edinburgh Gin Advent Calendar has 25 5cl bottles of gin for you to enjoy. It costs £120 and is exclusive to John Lewis and Partners.

The Gin and Tonic Advent Calendar is a little different, it comes with a full bottle of Lakes Explorer Gin and then you open the door to a different 200ml tonic mixer each day. Again, exclusive to John Lewis and it costs £95.

Wine and Prosecco 

“Wine down” to Christmas with 24 mini bottles from around the world. This Advent Calendar is the ideal way to countdown to Christmas. Each door conceals a 187ml bottle of red, white or rose wine. The cost is £70.

Next is a lovely selection of 200ml bottles of prosecco, cava and sparkling wines. It also includes a 20cl bottle of Lanson Champagne for Christmas Eve. The Prosecco and Fizz Advent Calendar is exclusive to John Lewis and Partners and costs £125.


This Beer Advent Calendar contains a selection brewed by Adnams in Southwold. Designed to take you on a tasty beer adventure from lagers via pale ales, it provides a very “hoppy” start to your Christmas celebrations. It comes with a total of 9.9ltrs of beer for £70

Have you got your Advent Calendars yet? Which would you go for? 

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Quick Hide the Wrapper

It’s chocolate week! My favourite week of the year (well apart from cake week, chip week, desert week, but most definitely NOT healthy eating week!) 

How can I not love chocolate when I live a chocolate button’s throw away from Cadbury World! 

Of course, Cadbury World was not always there, originally it was just Bournville Village, built by the Cadbury family. 

200 Years of Cadburys

John Cadbury was from a family of quakers who did not drink alcohol. As an alternative John made tea, coffee and drinking chocolate and sold it in a small shop in Birmingham. The drinking chocolate became really popular and he opened factories in the city. His son’s took over the business and in 1978 George Cadbury was looking for somewhere less industrial to open a factory and chose Bournville, a village outside of the city centre. He built homes for his workers and a cricket field to encourage them to keep healthy. Bournville still remains a village today, and the cricket ground is still there. 

Moving on from drinks Cadbury’s began making chocolate and became more and more successful. Did you know that Cadbury’s Roses were introduced as far back as 1938 and are still popular today!

a box of Cadbury Roses chocolates
Cadbury’s Roses

Halloween Sweets

Cadbury’s also have some fab Halloween Sweets this year. Look out for these spooky Goo Heads in Store, or order them online, I’ve always found Cadbury’s gift shop really reliable.

Some Cadbury chocolate eggs with ghoulish wrappers for halloween
Halloween Goo Heads 65p each
a pack of mini chocolate eggs with ghoulish wrappers
Cadbury’s Goo Head minis 

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What Would be Your Cadbury Invention?

I’m a big lover of Cadbury Chocolate and a native of the original Cadbury land of Bournville.  Today I have two treats for you. One is a discount code on an Inventor Selection, the second is a chance to create your own chocolate bar and have it made and sold by Cadbury’s.

Inventor Selection

I’ve always been a big fan of the Cadbury Letterbox selection, well now you can make your own by choosing four of your favourite bars in the Inventor Selection. What would you pick? My selection would be Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Oreo and Oreo Mint.

All four bars arrive in a box slender enough to go in the post, so you could really make someone’s day and send them a super gift. It’s only £10 too. If you use the code MADBURY you can even get 25% off your order. Double yummy.

a box of a selection of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars

Become a Cadbury Inventor

How would you like to invent your own Cadbury Dairy Milk? Pop on over and have a go 

First choose three ingredients, then give your bar a name. Fill in your details and you could win the opportunity to go to Cadbury World and see your invention come to life. It will also go on sale for a limited period (make sure you stock up!)

The competition runs until July 31st so enter soon, and good luck!

I made my ultimate bar, what do you think?

a cadbury dairy milk bar invention called Tea Break and made with biscuits, ginger and lemon green tea


I’d love to hear all about your inventions, let me know if you enter the competition.


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My Top Picks for Celebrating Easter 2018

It’s nearly Easter, and I’ve been browsing the Internet for ideas. So, if you are looking for eggs or something a little different then hopefully I can help.

Chocolate Eggs

You can’t have an Easter post without chocolate eggs so here are my picks.

The Entertainer have some fabulous personalised egg boxes containing six chocolate eggs. What I love about these is that they are available in some fabulous designs that the kids will love, like Jo Jo Siwa, Paw Patrol, Unicorns, Manchester City and West Ham United. Perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

For more traditional eggs then pop on over to Cadbury’s Gift Shop. Be quick and you can get 15% off your order by adding the code RABBIT at the checkout. (limited time offer.)

Thorntons are offering some great offers on a daily basis. Currently you can get two large eggs for £15

or you can buy 2 smaller eggs for just £5, and some you can even personalise.

Chocolate and Sweet Gifts

These gifts are still for those with a sweet tooth but are not the traditional eggs.

Prezzy Box is a site full of the more unusual but lovely gifts. Do you know someone who loves Ferrero Rocher? How about getting them a personalised sweet tree.


If Ferrero Rochers is not your thing, they also do Malteser Trees, Lindor Trees and even Liquorice Allsorts Trees! Plenty of choice.

Girly Gifts

You can’t beat Claire’s for some quirky gifts that girls will love. Their  Easter collection features bunnies and chicks and prices range from £3.50 and go up to £15. Currently Claire’s are offering buy one get one free on almost everything!!

cute bunny notebook £6


Boy Gifts

Probably not very Easter like but you can always get the boys a box of Lego. At Geek Box they are currently giving away a lego gift with every £20 purchase of Lego.

A Tea Lovers Easter

know someone avoiding the chocolate and trying to improve their health who loves tea? (Just like me!)

How about this lovely Happy Healthy Easter Bag from Twinings.

Book Lover’s Easter

How about a book treat? There are lots of books for kids all about Easter and I’m sure the little ones would love this Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Or for the adults you could just browse the Books of the Month for March.


Why not brighten up someone’s Easter with a gorgeous bunch of spring flowers. At Prestige Flowers they have a beautiful selection to choose from and lots of other Easter gifts starting from just £9.99

Easter Crafts

Finally, how about making your own Easter gifts and decorations? At Hobby Craft there are loads of ideas for adults and kids. You can get everything you need to help your kids make their Easter Bonnets, Easter Cards or decorate their eggs. You can also find a load of Easter baking goodies for making cakes or even having a go at making your own chocolate eggs or treats. (One of our favourites is Easter Bark, pretty simple and lots of fun.) Or if you fancy a bit of crafting yourself, how about making a gorgeous Easter Wreath?


Easter Egg Hunts

You can make your own Easter Egg Hunt at home, we often do, but at Easter Cadbury’s team up with the National Trust for some special Easter Egg Hunts. There are over 250 venues to choose from at National Trust properties. We will be going this year but you can read all about our adventures last Easter at Packwood House.

I hope my post has given you some ideas for this Easter. Whatever you do, I hope you have a lovely holiday. Easter is my favourite time of year, the weather is warming, the kids have two weeks off school and there is chocolate involved. What’s not to like. 🙂


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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

My reviews may all be positive, but they are still genuine.