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  1. coombemill

    Very thought provoking, I find this fascinating to see in my kids, I have one who is happy to stand out and be different in his looks and his mannerism and is popular for it and most who like to confirm to a greater or lesser degree. My daughter is the worst, I can hardly tell her apart from all the other 13 year old's at the school gate! #MMBC

  2. Louisa

    Beautiful, thought provoking post. I sometimes hide my true self because I don't want to stand out from the crowds but conversely because I have a disability I am obviously different from first glance. Maybe it boils down to having the confidence to be different and follow your own path? #mmbc

  3. Ola

    For me it all depends on which direction the "crowd" is going. If it is a direction of ignorance, hatred, and disobedience to life lessons, and upright principles or some other evil end, I'm definitely not on board with that. Trying to be different, just for the sake of being able to do so though? I'm not sure I understand the purpose in that, unless of course it just comes naturally. Otherwise, it's just another form of me-ism.

  4. raisiebay

    I don't think it really means trying to be different for the sake of it, more like embrace your differences and not worry about what others say. A lot of people hide what they really think or feel just to follow the crowd, but if you really don't like what the crowd stands for then going your own way is what you really need to do.

  5. Rainbowsaretoo

    The last line of this is so true, it's all about trying to be true to you. Finding out who you are though can be a bit challenging sometimes. I think I'm still trying to work it out a bit. #TheMMLinky

  6. Lisa Pomerantz

    What a lovely quote/story! I am going to read that to my kids tonight after dinner. TY for sharing this! #mg xoxo #daretobedifferent

  7. raisiebay

    Thanks Steph, I don't really consider myself as wise, lol. I do have two kids that are quite different and have no problems in accepting their differences and have no wish to follow the crowd and are happy. I must be doing something right, although I have family members who think they should try and disguise their differences and try to be more 'normal'

  8. raisiebay

    I wish I could take credit for the photo (it is credited at the end of the post, from the free image site Unsplash which is brilliant,) the tree is beautiful. x

  9. clairesaul

    What a fantastic post – this is something that I have tried to instill into my kids, particularly the youngest who hates drawing attention to herself. Having recently become a wheelchair user myself I am also learning to embrace my differences and view the world from a different angle! Thanks for sharing #TheMMLinky

  10. mackenzieglanville

    I have never hard this, it is a great story to share. We all do have our own destiny, our own place in this world. I always wanted to fit in until I grew up and realised I was actually preventing my true self from ever having the chance to shine. #mg

  11. susanamass11

    Hello, Anne.

    Paulo Coelho is one of my best authors. I really like reading his books. We are so caught up in the moment that mostly all of us want to be "in". Thank you for reminding us that it's okay to be unique.

  12. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, I love this story. We all have our quirks and differences, we are not all the same and shouldn't be, it's just some people try and blend in more than others. Which I find a shame as we should never be embarrassed to be who we are. We are all great in our own way and should be proud of who we are.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC and sharing this story.


  13. Modern Gypsy

    Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors too. So much wisdom in his words. This is a beautiful story; really made me stop and reflect on how often I try to conform or deflect interest, and why. #mg

  14. Alice | L2MyDaughter

    Great message. I think for some people, like me, it depends on the day and my mood. I'm usually very happy to stand out from the crowd even if it makes me a little uncomfortable. But if I'm feeling a bit fragile then I tend to keep my head down. You're right though, it's about accepting yourself, and knowing that whatever and whoever you are is ok. You're not a failure if you want to blend in, or if you want to stand out, and you're not a failure if you want to do a bit of both or something entirely different! Thanks for sharing #BlogCrush

  15. optrixxaris1

    What a delightful post. I use this same quote with my youngest as they all say the second born just fits in – yeah right! #mg

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