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  1. Reading Residence

    I'm glad that Star managed to get the help she needed in the end. What an awful wait, sounds so slow and as you say, it's lack of staff and resources, the doctors that are then can only see so many people. The last time we needed a hospital was the Children's Hospital, where I'd say we were seen relatively quickly, though still around thirty minutes late, and that was with an appointment. It is worrying, you're quite right x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Northumberland Mam

    Oh no! Poor Star! I hope her wrist is better soon.
    It is such a shame that the waits are so long in hospital. It just goes to show how understaffed they are.
    The last time we were in A&E was when my teen fell off her scooter and we thought she had broken her nose. Thankfully we were in and out within about three hours but I have heard of people waiting a lot longer. x

  3. mummyhereandthere

    I am glad it got resolved, I can imagine it being hell, dare not think what it is going to be like in a few years time. I hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery X #wotw

  4. angiemwebster77

    Oh poor Star, I hope she heals quickly. The NHS is under so much strain and I think overcrowded doctors surgeries are partly to blame, in some areas people can't even get an emergency appointment so end up going straight to A&E for something that could have been resolved at the surgery. I once waited in A&E for 9 hours in excruitiating pain because they couldn't decide where I needed to go. I would rather suffer at home than face that again x

  5. liquoriceuk

    Poor Star, hope her wrist heals quickly. I've definitely noticed a difference when it comes to our cardiology outpatients appointments – we've had a lot more waiting around and its felt a lot more disjointed. I can't fault our experience on the ward itself though – even with the cancellations that we've had for Jessica's surgery. The NHS is under so much strain at the moment though and it does worry me hugely about what is going to happen with it. #WotW

  6. ourlittleescapades

    Poor Star, I'm glad she did get seen but I totally understand the waiting. Coming from Greater London and knowing waiting times there moving to deep Essex was a nice change. It is getting busier now. They have even closed our autism unit that diagnosed my son, that is very worrying! #WotW Sorry I'm late

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