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  1. Notmyyearoff

    It all looks so festive and Christmassy. We haven't really visited anywhere yet but I might drag the boys to Trafford as they have a have nice looking talking tree and a unicorn that moves!

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, the Enchanted Christmas Kingdom looks magical and I hope that Father Christmas brings your children all they wished for too. Christmas Eve is actually my favourite day. It's far more magical than Christmas Day… Our house is looking like a grotto now, which is a bit early for us, although the tree has yet to be decorated. I don't have much wrapping to do as we don't have many to buy for, but I hope to do it this week (but doubt very much that I will!).


  3. sarahmo3w

    Lovely Christmas photo! I've done most of my shopping and some of my wrapping. The cards are written with stamps on, ready to go in the box tomorrow. Will still be a week or more until we get our tree though.

  4. coombemill

    What a magical day out this looks. A great reason to get wrapped up and go out in the cold. It looks like a winter wonderland there.

  5. ModernMom

    Isn't it great when you get things like Santa visits out of the way early? We might be skipping the traditional Santa photo this year, as we ran into a Santa at a downtown event last week and got some fun impromptu photos with him there.
    Your photos are beautiful!

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