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  1. Kate

    I am pretty confident now that my daughter is on the spectrum and I am fine with that largely through learning from other bloggers like you who speak so honestly about their lives. What is normal? What child turns out exactly as expected? We love our children as the individuals they are autism or not. Keep sharing – you help so many people when you do #TheMMLinky

  2. Hayley Emslie

    Hi Anne,
    Love this! And so true to everyone going through the whole system process.
    We are 3 different families setting up a face to face support group where parents, carers, children, teens, young adults, and adults can come to offload, chat, get information and find others.
    We are called Lifting the Lid on learning for ALL learning difficulties and disabilities. We want to reach out to everyone linking all charities, support bloggs like yourself to get information out!, to many holes/ gaps in the so called system that are failing OUR children! We need to be United as one for this fight that has been going on for Far to long!.

    If you would like to join us please do get in touch!.

    Instagram Lifting.the.lid.on.learning

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