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  1. comfortspring

    You touched my heart and I'm sending you a warm hand to hold. Sounds horrible and I pray this 3rd treatment makes a positive change. It is hard to keep up our spirits sometimes, I know. Saying a prayer for you my dear. #MMBC

  2. Jenny@thebrickcastle

    You do so incredibly well – I don't think anyone can question how positive you've been. Don't give up Anne, you can do it. I will have everything crossed that this treatment gives you respite and that you are better able to deal with what you've been so unfairly dealt xx

  3. Marylin

    Oh Anne I'm sending you so much love and strength. Sometimes we need to find ways to save ourselves instead of relying on others, but it's so HARD. I can't imagine how you must be feeling lovely. All my love and hoping that being prepared helps this round. xx

  4. Louise

    Anne I hope this time works and you get some relief. Life’s a roller coaster sometimes your up others your at the bottom. You’ll go up again just hang in there ?

  5. The Daisy Pages

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a horrible time at the moment. I hope that your next round of treatment is less severe and has fewer side effects. Are there any support groups you could get in touch with? I hope you can find some support to help you get through this xx

  6. debsrandomwritings

    Oh Anne, I feel for you. I won't pretend I know what you are going through as I really don't, but just the thought of you not being able to be there as you would like to be for the ones you love is heartbreaking. My hope is that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you and that this round of treatment is better than the last two. It must feel like you are swimming against the tide, but please never stop swimming.


  7. AutismMumma

    Keeping everything crossed for you that the treatment helps you this time. I have really been tested by my feet pain over the last year and a half but I’m hoping there is an end to it after the next foot op. Keep strong xx

  8. Lucy At Home

    Oh I'm so sorry that things are getting you down to much at the moment. It really sounds like you have a lot on your plate and so this is understandable – try to be kind to yourself and give yourself time and space and treats. I really hope this 3rd treatment makes a big difference for you and that the migraines are kept at bay #blogcrush

  9. Mr Phillip

    Hey Anny you are brave, im so sorry to hear that you are having side effects from your previous treatments, hope this one will go well, look after yourself and get well soon. lots of love.

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