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I’m off to see my consultant today, my appointment was pushed back from January. I guess a couple of months is not too bad, I’ve had appointments pushed back by eight months in the past. My consultant is a very busy man, as well as his hospital duties he’s also a teacher at the university. My consultant must also be a very rich man!

I feel a little unprepared if I’m honest. Normally I’d have a long list of things I want to ask but today there is just one thing…give me more IVIG* and more frequently. I’m in hospital next week for my fourth round of IVIG and each time I’ve had it, it gives me better results. I’m like a junkie waiting for my next fix, I want it so bad, I want to feel some relief from these horrid daily symptoms.

The first time I had IVIG the results were disappointing. I thought it would be a miracle cure and that I’d be able to walk again and get on with my life. It works for some people, so I wanted it to work for me. Sadly, I was so upset that I failed to notice any improvements despite there being some. After the second one I was so ill with side affects I was wary about having any more but my family had noticed improvements even if I hadn’t so they pressed me to try it once more at least.

The third one I went in with fewer expectations and I prepared well for the side effects. It was good, not only did I take more notice of the little improvements, I relished them. I took note of every night I slept without waking in spasm and pain. I took note of the longer time I could stand at the kitchen counter without the burning sensation in my legs that forced me to sit. I took note of the time I could sit and crochet, or use the lap top without the myoclonus jerking. I took note of the fewer spasms and cramps. I particularly took notice of the lack of side affects! The preparation had worked.

Then I took notice of when my symptoms started to get worse again.

That’s why I really want to ask to have them more frequently. My last IVIG was in January and the benefits lasted just a few weeks. I’m hoping my consultant is feeling generous, IVIG is expensive, but I need it.

*IVIG = Intravenous Immunoglobulin.

Take Out

If you’ve been here regularly you will have seen my tales of Take Out Woe! Well, this week it changed to Take Out Wow!

Graham went out again on Saturday so I decided to risk another take out despite the last two being complete disasters. First I asked the little ones if they’d like food from Sophie’s, a nearby chip shop that delivered. They were perfectly happy and Boo and the Little Man ordered a battered sausage and chips and Star asked for chicken and chips. Then the oldest two said they wouldn’t mind chip shop food. So more sausages and a pie for the big son were ordered and I relished paying less than half the price of the usual take out.

I ordered way too much food but I didn’t mind as it had been so much cheaper and everyone was full and content. It was a chip shop take out win for this week!


I haven’t bought a single Easter egg yet!! I’m hoping to get some today, we are going to pop to the supermarket before going to the hospital.

The kids break up from school on Friday 29th March and don’t go back until April 18th! I love the Easter holiday but this one is going to be  bit different with my being in hospital for most of next week. Thankfully, I don’t have to be there until lunch time each day, but I’ll be there until about 5pm. Because it’s bank holiday on Monday I won’t be in then, but I’ll probably have to go in on the following Monday for my final treatment.

Star also has a hospital appointment the following week and Star and the Little Man are also due in the clinic. So, it’s going to be an appointment filled holiday.

We are hoping to have some fun though, and I’ve already planned that we spend this Saturday doing a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at a local National Trust Property.

If you need some inspiration for Easter don’t forget to check out  My Top Picks for Celebrating Easter.

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  1. March 27, 2018 / 12:53 pm

    Good luck. I hope the appointment with the consultant goes well. I hope you get your does of IVIG…
    Hooray! Glad you finally got a takeaway that everyone was happy with.
    It sounds like you are going to be busy over the Easter holidays x

  2. March 27, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Fingers crossed that your appointment goes well and they give you your ivig more frequently. I hope you have a good Easter and hooray for a decent takeaway! Our last few haven’t been great so I am avoiding them atm #keepingitreal

  3. March 27, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Wishing you a good session with the consultant and good results from the IVIG. Sounds like hard work. Happy Easter!

  4. March 29, 2018 / 10:05 am

    Hi Anne, I remember reading about your first round of treatment and feeling gutted for you. I’m glad to read that you are getting benefits from the treatment now, just fingers crossed that you are able to have it more often… I couldn’t believe that schools are breaking up so close to Easter, but it may be better weatherwise. Spring is bound to make an appearance soon. You wouldn’t happen to have room in your bag for me on your Cadbury’s egg hunt? That sounds like my idea of heaven at Easter. I do miss Cadbury’s buttons eggs! Your family certainly need to have some fun poked between the hospital visits, that’s for sure!… So glad you managed to finally have a take out that everyone was happy with and for less money too… Have a great Easter and fingers crossed that you’ll have good news regarding your treatment very, very soon.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


  5. Misa
    March 29, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Good luck with the consultant! #keepingitreal

  6. March 30, 2018 / 10:31 am

    I hope that your appointment goes well and an Easter Cadburys hunt sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday. #mmbc

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

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