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  1. Carol

    Looks like you had a good week. Got my fingers crossed on your talk with the specialist. Doing a treatment at home is always better than sitting all day at a hospital. #KeepingItReal

  2. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! My youngest had Easter school last week….Thankfully they made the SATs revision fun. I hope it’s the same for Boo….
    Good luck with getting your licence back and getting the treatment at home. That would make such a difference wouldn’t it x

  3. Debbie

    Hi Anne, isn’t it funny how there are things that really get us and we know it. Don’t get me started about exams either and as for extra schooling to get through them? Everyone benefits from taking a break sometimes and can stop burnout. Looking on the bright side at least Boo is studying… It sounds like you managed to keep everyone busy during the holidays, sticker books can be a Godsend. We still have a huge box full of Littlest Pet Shop toys, my daughter used to love them and I don’t have the heart to part with them. They are such cute toys… I hope you don’t lose your licence. That would be another blow you really don’t need!… I hope you enjoyed your nieces birthday meal and that you managed without your chair… Having treatment at home sounds a good idea if there is no danger of things going wrong.

    Thank you for sharing your week with #keepingitreal.


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