Second Week of Easter Holiday (and I’m surviving, just about!)

Easter School

We have another week of the holiday left here. In fact we have a whole week and two days because the kids don’t go back until next Wednesday. That is apart from Boo who is doing Easter School in the mornings this week. She needs to get the extra practice in for her SATS in May. I could get on my soap box about the SATS but I feel I’ve done that enough already; and it’s totally up to Boo whether she wants to go to school this week or not. She can’t go every day because we have a few appointments that clash.


Last week turned out to be pretty busy, I actually went out four days in a row! Of course, I had to go to hospital for two of those days. Then we did some food shopping and then some more fun shopping. The kids ended up with lots of new goodies last week, but mostly books, pens and decorations to use on their Littlest Pet Shop toys. It’s amazing how thrilled the girls are to be in possession of a new packet of shiny stickers. I also bought them some clay to do some customisation’s. The Little Man wanted a Minecraft Sticker book which was a good buy as he has spent ages sticking in it. He also enjoyed sticking his football player stickers into his Panini World Cup album.

We decided to stay in all weekend, but the Little Man still popped out with his Dad to run some errands. It really has been a life saver having Graham driving. He’s only had his licence for just over a year but he does most the driving now. I’m still waiting to see if the DVLA will let me have my licence back after medical checks. I haven’t been behind the wheel in a long time. Fingers crossed that I won’t lose my licence, I’ll be devastated at the thought of never driving again.



This week will be busy later on with hospital and clinic appointments for Star and the Little Man. We are also hoping to fit in something fun but I have to be careful now as we overspent last week.

Next Monday we are going out for a meal on my niece’s birthday which should be a nice family get together. I’m thinking of going without my wheelchair, if Graham can drop me right outside the door I know I can navigate inside the pub on my crutches.

I have felt some benefit from my treatment last week, although there was a wobble this weekend when I ran out of medication. Graham went to pick it up from the chemist that had my prescription on Saturday morning, but it was closed. I survived on a lower dose, but I really noticed the difference.

While I was in hospital last week the nurse asked me if I’d considered having the treatment at home. I was a bit flabbergasted and told her I knew nothing about it.

It then got me thinking so I asked about it on my help group. A few overseas patients take the immunoglobulins with a¬†subcutaneous injection so I looked up the system that they used. It is available here but it depends on whether your consultant can get it approved and you have to be trained how to use it. The more I think about it the more it appeals to me. I will think about asking my consultant next time I see him. But I’ll also ask that nurse for more information too.


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  1. April 10, 2018 / 1:29 pm

    Looks like you had a good week. Got my fingers crossed on your talk with the specialist. Doing a treatment at home is always better than sitting all day at a hospital. #KeepingItReal

  2. April 10, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Ahh! My youngest had Easter school last week….Thankfully they made the SATs revision fun. I hope it’s the same for Boo….
    Good luck with getting your licence back and getting the treatment at home. That would make such a difference wouldn’t it x

  3. April 15, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    Noah has these stickers too! He is obsessed with them. Sounds like a busy week!

    Popping over from #keepingitreal x

  4. April 16, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    Hi Anne, isn’t it funny how there are things that really get us and we know it. Don’t get me started about exams either and as for extra schooling to get through them? Everyone benefits from taking a break sometimes and can stop burnout. Looking on the bright side at least Boo is studying… It sounds like you managed to keep everyone busy during the holidays, sticker books can be a Godsend. We still have a huge box full of Littlest Pet Shop toys, my daughter used to love them and I don’t have the heart to part with them. They are such cute toys… I hope you don’t lose your licence. That would be another blow you really don’t need!… I hope you enjoyed your nieces birthday meal and that you managed without your chair… Having treatment at home sounds a good idea if there is no danger of things going wrong.

    Thank you for sharing your week with #keepingitreal.


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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

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