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  1. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! I cleared out my girls wardrobes and drawes last weekend. I ended with 2 black bags to go to the charity shop. lol It’s a good job I bought them a few bits the week before. Hooray for emptying the washing basket! Mine has been empty most of this week because the weather has been great!
    hahaha! I have 67 blog posts in my drafts. Some half written, some with just a title and an idea. I will get around to them eventually.
    The twitter account sounds fab! I hadn’t heard of Stiff Person Syndrome Awareness until I read your blog posts about it. Do let me know about it and I will RT x

  2. Sarah Christie

    Thats amazing that you are raising awareness, awareness is is underrated isn’t it, and can do so much good. I know what you mean about having a clear out, Joe has really shot up I have had to get rid of so many of his clothes lately, x

  3. Karen

    Clearing out the kids wardrobes is always fun.. and expensive! LOL! Good for you raising awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome. I will give your new Twitter a follow 🙂

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