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  1. Kate

    Real poignancy behind this post. Des sounds very special and anyone who brings happiness to others is a special soul indeed. You post raised so many thoughts taking me back to my own memories of that time especially as I hated Thatcher and a girl from our school was killed by the Ripper. Also made me think at least now children who love learning but hate school have the option of home education. Sorry for your loss – I am sure he lives on in many other people and I hope you managed to stay in touch with his children #BloggerClubUK

    • Anne Sweet

      Sadly, I’ve not managed to stay in touch with his children. I have tried to find them in recent years, especially since moving to the area they lived. I even drove past their childhood home which is in a cul-de-sac. But I’ve not had any luck 🙁

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s a sad story but it was 39 years ago…wow! that makes me feel old. Some stories do tend to stick with you forever and my poor Mum was not lucky with men, my Dad died when I was only 8. She never bothered with another man again, even though she was younger than I am now.

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