A Day in the Life

A day in the life – Like Any Other Mum

My day starts like any other Mum, I get up at the alarm and set about getting the kids ready for school.

But I’m not any other Mum and first my Little Man has to pull my stiff legs out of the bed.

Like any other Mum it’s time to get the girls off on the school run.

But I’m not like any other Mum school runs are in the past and Daddy takes them instead.

Like any other Mum it’s then time to do the housework.

But I’m not like any other Mum, I can a do a little but even the vacuum is too difficult for me to use.

Like any other Mum I can then either chill out and do my own thing or go shopping, meet up with friends, even go to work.

But I’m not like any other Mum. I can’t go out alone, and most days I don’t go out at all.

Like any other Mum it’s soon time to get the dinner on.

But I’m not like any other Mum, I can’t stand for long and I need help to cook.

Like any other Mum I can then bath or shower my kids and take them to bed.

But I’m not like any other Mum and I can’t keep going up and down the stairs.

I’m not like any other Mum. I am a disabled Mum. It happened over night and now I can’t walk more than a few steps. My pain is constant and fatigue consuming. My body doesn’t work anymore, not matter how much I want it to. 

Like any other Mum I can cuddle my kids, kiss them and tell them I love them. I can plan from my chair some wonderful treats for them. I can talk to them and help them with their worries. I can educated them, watch television with them, tell them stories and play games. (So long as I don’t have to sit on the floor. ) I can take them out and on holiday with Daddy’s help. I can have fun with them.

Like any other Mum….

I love being a Mum.

Day out with a Mum on Wheels! 

This is my post for Day four of Blogtober where I am attempting to post a blog every day for the month of October. 

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  1. October 4, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    Hugs Anne – you are a wonderful mum and person. Really enjoyed this post from your perspective as a mum x

  2. Tina
    October 4, 2018 / 4:50 pm

    The most positive person to take this disease on and tell it come on try me .. I’m still going to be the best mum . Your kids get your time and love and that’s the best that any child can hope for .

  3. October 4, 2018 / 8:16 pm

    That a lovely and meaningful poem. You are such a wonderful and strong Mummy xx

  4. October 4, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    It must be so frustrating not being able to do some things but there is no doubt that you are a wonderful mum.

  5. October 5, 2018 / 7:08 am

    What an amazing mum you are XXX #Blogtober

  6. October 5, 2018 / 7:08 am

    Sending big love, super mum #Blogtober

  7. October 7, 2018 / 6:11 pm

    And what a wonderful mum you are! I can totally understand your frustration, it must be so hard for you Anne. Your kiddies are content and loved dearly and that’s all that matters. Love your pic. 🙂

    Thanks ever so much for sharing with #MMBC. x

  8. October 10, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    A very poignant post – your determination to be a great mum despite the extra challenges will be a beautiful example to your kids, and show them just how much you love them #blogcrush

  9. October 12, 2018 / 6:34 am

    Very touching post this. We’re all unique as parents and you are just like any mum. A disability cannot take away your motherhood. Love the positive note you’ve ended on here. Heading on over from #blogcrush

    • October 12, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      yes, no matter what, I’m still their mother and I have to stay positive.

  10. October 12, 2018 / 9:07 am

    Gosh it sure can’t be easy, but so good you can keep a positive perspective in the face of such hardship. Your kids sure have a special mum #BlogCrush

    • October 12, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      I have special kids too, with all they have to put up with.

  11. October 12, 2018 / 10:57 am

    So Beautifully worded. Thank you for sharing #BlogCrush

  12. October 13, 2018 / 3:12 am

    Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it. #BlogCrush

  13. October 15, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    This is a great post!!! Highlighting the differences in our daily lives . Yours must be so tricky but it sounds to me like you’re doing an amazing job!!
    Huge congratulations on being featured blogger on #blogcrush this week

  14. October 18, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    It must be so frustrating when the body will no longer do what it used to be able to, and not allow you to get out and about as independently as before. Obviously your still as good a mum as before though, I’m sure your kids don’t think any less of you for not being able to do the things you mention here (especially not the hoovering, right? Lol). Also, credit to your husband for being a caring dad and partner x #BlogCrush

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

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