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  1. Tina

    The most positive person to take this disease on and tell it come on try me .. I’m still going to be the best mum . Your kids get your time and love and that’s the best that any child can hope for .

  2. Lucy At Home

    A very poignant post – your determination to be a great mum despite the extra challenges will be a beautiful example to your kids, and show them just how much you love them #blogcrush

  3. John Adams

    Very touching post this. We’re all unique as parents and you are just like any mum. A disability cannot take away your motherhood. Love the positive note you’ve ended on here. Heading on over from #blogcrush

  4. Daydreams of a Mum

    This is a great post!!! Highlighting the differences in our daily lives . Yours must be so tricky but it sounds to me like you’re doing an amazing job!!
    Huge congratulations on being featured blogger on #blogcrush this week

  5. Malin - Sensational Learning with Penguin

    It must be so frustrating when the body will no longer do what it used to be able to, and not allow you to get out and about as independently as before. Obviously your still as good a mum as before though, I’m sure your kids don’t think any less of you for not being able to do the things you mention here (especially not the hoovering, right? Lol). Also, credit to your husband for being a caring dad and partner x #BlogCrush

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