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  1. Carol

    Your excursion didn’t turn out well I’m afraid. I hate that people hit cars and drive away like it’s nothing but I’m more concerned about your welfare. Sending you warm thoughts and hope you feel better soon. #keepingitreal

  2. Kim Carberry

    Ugh! Sometimes it would have been better to stay indoors. I hope the kids had a good time. That is rotten luck about the bump to the car.
    I hope next week is better for you x

  3. Sigrid Chu

    Hello Anne,

    Sorry to hear that your week has not been the very best. It’s easy to say just to focus on the positives but in truth, it’s good to acknowledge the negatives, spend some time complaining about it, and then to move on. I hope that the following days and weeks are better for you.


  4. Debbie

    Hi Anne, OooOOOooo you have had a bit of a week! The pumpkin carving and treasure hunt sounds like they were fun, but what a damper the car prang was? I hope the insurance company took it easy on Graham and that your pain has now subsided. I bet you’ll not be too keen to get out for a while again now? Which is a shame… Being a friend when it counts is what being a true friend is all about, I have no doubt your friendship has helped your friends through their rough patch…Faces are never the best thing to land on. I hope your daughter’s dignity was damaged more than her face!

    Thank you for popping over and linking up with #keepingitreal.


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