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  1. Angela Webster

    It’s good that your trip to the dentist wasn’t as bad as you anticipated, it’s never fun visiting is it. At least it’s over with now and the pain was manageable, I get so grumpy when I have any sort of pain in my mouth. They are nice little changes you’ve made to word of the week, I enjoy reading round up’s, it’s interesting to see what everyone has been up to. Thanks for hosting each week Anne, I love linking up x

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love this linky and the supportive community that comes with it. It’s one of only two pinkies that I have regularly joined in with since I started my blog (CountryKids being the other one). It’s such a lovely way to take time to reflect on the past week. I was so glad that you took it on and so glad that so many of the regular linkers continued to join in. The little changes feel natural and keep with the spirit of the linky. I’m glad that your appointment with the dentist went so well and that you are managing the pain from having your teeth removed. That would have made me quite anxious too so it’s reassuring to know that the process itself was relatively painless. Hope you have a good weekend and thank you as always for hosting #WotW x

    • Anne Sweet

      Thank you Louise, it’s always worked really well so I didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken, but I did feel the need to make the linky a little clearer to new comers. I didn’t want to put people off just because they couldn’t think of a particular word. I know there have been a few times when I haven’t been able to come up with one. I do love having a good catch up with everyone’s week though. Thanks for being a big supporter xx

  3. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I’m glad the dentist wasn’t as bad as you imagined. Sounds like you’ve found an understanding dentist. So often I overthink and imagine something is going to be far worse than it turns out to be. I love the Friday catch up and hearing about everyone’s week. This is such a friendly linky. It’s like having everyone around the kitchen table! I struggle sometimes with a single word, although love the challenge. Phrases are good to fall back on. Thank you for hosting. You’re doing a sterling job too.

    • Anne Sweet

      Thank you Cheryl, it is like a kitchen table gathering of sorts isn’t it. I didn’t go to my regular dentist, I was sent to a dental hospital for ‘awkward’ patients because of all the medication I take. It was rather nice though, they do botox and facelifts too 🙂

  4. Laurie

    Thank you for accepting me into this wonderful community you have created here! I can always find interesting blog posts to read and I love interacting with the other bloggers.

  5. Kim Carberry

    Eek! It sounds like a good experience at the dentists. I hope you are not too sore now.
    The new changes are fab! Like Louise said the changes feel natural and it does open it up to other people who might not have one specific word but do a weekly round up.
    WoWers! How cute. Love it!

  6. Ojo Henley

    I’m glad the dentist wasn’t too bad, it can get a little scary cant’ it? I like the idea of adding more to the linky, I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it x

  7. Karen Blower

    Glad your dentist appointment went smoothly.. my dentist keeps cancelling mine… I like the changes, as a couple of other folks said, it feels natural. I will try to keep up a little better than I have been!

  8. Sarah Christie

    So glad having a tooth out was not that bad I hate the dentist after a terrible experience as a child, my dentist is amazing but still I worry, and love the changes xx

  9. Rebecca Beesley

    Thank you for the reminder to join in this week – have done so just in the nick of time. Have had trouble adding your badge to the blogpost – but have added a link to your blog and an image of the badge so i hope that is ok.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from the tooth extraction!

    Have a good week this week, xxx

  10. Ali Duke

    We had our 6 monthly check up at the dentist last week. My daughter is going to need braces and the dentist said she is going to need 4 teeth out before they fit her braces, she is not amused.

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