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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    How scary to have an intruder at school and to be on lockdown. Thank goodness everything was ok in the end. I guess having a real situation like this does make you reevaluate procedures and pick up on what could have been done better. Glad you had a good time at the retreat. I’m not a great passenger and steep drops would have had me panicking too. Thanks for hosting #WotW and hope you have a panic-free weekend.

    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, I’m so grateful that the schools are so protected. Being a new building I guess they wanted to make sure it never happened again. the Retreat was wonderful.

  2. sam

    Sorry you had a panic attack, they are awful feeling however I have learnt to embrace them like the waves of the sea. Wales is a beautiful place. I am glad you had a lovely time away at the treat X #wotw

    • Anne Sweet

      Sam, I tried to stay in control because my kids were in the car and I didn’t want to panic them. So I was covering it up with nervous laughter, I do think I fooled them a little though. And my husband was great, some would not be as patient.

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    I remember going out with my maternal grandparents and being so scared in the back of the car as we went round mountainous roads with big drops on the passenger side, use to scare the crap out of me. As a passenger your life is in the hands of somebody else.
    Nice the lock down kept the children safe, and no harm in practising it. I remember when my girls were at secondary school ( way back in mid 80’s) and a gun man being holed up in a nearby block of flats the school was locked down and all the kids kept in until about 8pm.
    I also remember an incident with the boys of 2 grown men getting into the school with knives and threatening a group of 17/18 yr olds as the teachers were too scared to stop them. Eldest son ended up with a broken hand.

    • Anne Sweet

      Oh boy those are some scary moments for you! Thankfully we’ve not had anything too drastic happen at schools, although my older ones were at school at the time of the Dunblane incident and I remember being afraid of sending them to school for a while despite it happening so far away from home. I think schools are a lot more protected these days, thankfully.

  4. Angela Webster

    Sorry to hear your week has been full of panic, I would have been the same travelling along that road too, how scary! The situation at school must have been frightening too, I hope the guy will face some consequences for it. Hopefully, this weekend will be a less stressful one for you all x

  5. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Oh no. All this anxiety. One after another too. I really hope your next week is easier. The lockdown sounds scary. Thank goodness it was OK in the end. I’m not so keen on being in the passenger seat on steep slopes either. Being in control of the steering wheel makes the world of difference. I’m glad you had a good time at the retreat. Hope you have a peaceful and quiet weekend! #wotw

  6. Laurie

    That lockdown sounds scary for the youngsters (and parents). I used to teach teenagers and they were often scared when we had a lockdown drill. So sad that we need these lockdowns in schools now. I would love to visit Wales sometime. It seems so exotic and beautiful. Glad that you got there safely over the mountain roads!

    • Anne Sweet

      Laurie, we took the scenic route home and we never saw a main road for nearly 3 hours, it really was lovely and so nice to think our small Island does have some amazing views.

  7. Karen

    Oh my goodness! I hope next week is less fraught and that Little Man is okay after his experience. I guess the school never really knew what would happen in that situation until it did. I’m not keen on driving roads next to steep drops either. I think a glass of something might be in order for you!

    • Anne Sweet

      Karen, I had to make do with a cup of coffee as I can’t drink on my medication 🙁 The Little Man survived well, Star didn’t do so good though.

  8. Kim Carberry

    Panic sounds the perfect word for the past week. I think I would have too on the way to the Flea Retreat! I panicked going over a huge bridge in a car a few months ago. lol
    Oh gosh! The drama at your Little Mans school sounds terrifying.
    Poor Boo and naughty Graham forgetting to pick her up.
    I’m glad Star had her friends at school.
    I hope you have a nice, calm weekend x

    • Anne Sweet

      Kim, you would absolutely love a Flea Retreat, we don’t get to see you at any of the blogger events and that’s a shame. As for the car, I’m always panicking anyway, after being the driver for over 20 years I find it so difficult not having control. x

  9. Sarah Christie

    Sounds like the Flea Retreat was fab, but yes that would have scared me, gosh I bet that was so scary for all this kids I cant believe he tried to climb the wall. Ah poor star that sounds awful for her I am so glad she had friends to support her x

  10. Ojo Henley

    The flea retreats always look wonderful, I’d love to go one day. I hate that schools need to have a lockdown procedure now, my sons secondary has practised several times. I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend x

  11. Susan Mann

    Oh goodness that must have been scary. Glad all was ok in the end, but can imagine how panicked you must have been. I’m glad you had a good time at the retreat x

  12. Natalie

    Oh gosh a lockdown sounds scary for us adults never mind little ones – thank goodness it was a false alarm! I live quite close to Wales and some of the drops are scary!!! Although also makes for some stunning views. #wotw

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