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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It is so frustrating when you can’t manage to get things done. The decorating would frustrate me too. We have a similar issue with trying to get Sophie’s bedroom finished. Hope you can get some more done next week and find a new crochet project you like. I have a feeling that I changed some code to make your linky badge work on my blog. Will have a look when I get on the computer later. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I can well imagine the frustration of not being able do the decorating. My grandmother used to decorate the whole house every spring. I’m afraid I’d frustrate you. I start and don’t finish. We’ve started watching Good Omens too. Loving it so far. I hope you find a crochet project that grabs you. Sometimes I find the yarn first and then make the project up as I go along, just because I like the yarn so much. Hope next week is less frustrating. Thanks for hosting #wotw

  3. Kim Carberry

    That is a sobering thought about the funeral.
    Sorry you have had a frustrating week. I can imagine it being so annoying being cooped up inside, especially when the weather is pretty good. I’ve just seen on Twitter that you have got the ceiling done. It’s a start. Keep on ranting. hehehe
    I am fancying watching Good Omens too. My fella has started it and is enjoying it.

  4. Ojo Henley

    I totally get the frustration with decorating, my hubby feels the same. He used to be a proper handyman, around the house, now he struggles with everything. I can’t get the badge to work lol, so I add a link at the bottom anyway x

  5. Laurie

    Oh, how many times have my own expectations lead to frustration? So sorry to read that frustration is your word of the week. A happier word next week for sure!

  6. Karen

    I understand completely the frustrations round decorating… hubby was “doing the ensuite” for three years before I marched over to our neighbour (who owns a bathroom fitting company) and asked for a quote. It was done over a weekend!

  7. Sam

    8 can understand your frustrations but sometimes you have to not do a lot to help your health. I hope your mood picks up soon X #wotw

  8. Sarah Christie

    I bet that has been so frustrating, I cant decorate at all I am more back up in our house, but I hate the whole process of it being done it drives me mad. Are there no patterns on line you can use ? But sometimes searching in itself is frustrating x

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