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  1. Cheryl Thompson

    Oh my goodness! That is just awful. Such a horrible thing to happen and the stress you must be feeling, must be horrid. I hope it is all sorted, so it won’t happen again. I’m glad Easter went well. Nothing like children’s enthusiasm and I bet the girls were happy with the chocolate. Mine are at the same stage, but insist on the hunt continuing. I’m sorry your health is so bad. None of the current events help. I’ve lost my crafting mojo. I think it’s mainly because I’m spending so much time sorting out logistics of food acquisition and other mundane stuff I used to take for granted. We will get through this. Hope this week is better and you have a good weekend.

  2. Karen

    Oh my goodness, what an awful thing to happen. There are some utter B******s in this world. No wonder your health has suffered. Sending a gentle hug xx

  3. Laurie

    Oh, Anne! I am so sorry to read about your bank account being emptied. Even if you get your money back (and I hope you did), it’s still a lot of hassle. Just what you don’t need right now! I am wishing your mojo back for you too. Sending virtual hugs across the Atlantic.
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  4. Sarah Christie

    Oh no Anne sending so much love, this is such a hard tine without health issues on top of that, I hope you get some answers this week. You are right some days you just forget what day it is? I cant believe some one emptied you bank that is just awful, what is wrong with people? Hope you have a better week xxx

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