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  1. Nikki Albert

    I don’t have to be demanding with my bf he gets antsy when he cannot do things so he has been quite the busy bee around here fixing things and doing things. lol

    I get the tell calls with a councillor would not be comfortable over the phone I wouldn’t like that either. I do like calling my doc though… that is easy and quick and I do not have the risk factors of going there. But not with my psychologist. No way.

    I am trying an exercise program myself… such as it is with pain and vertigo. Starting with walks in the morning. I have worked up from 10 minutes to just made it to 20 min for the first time yesterday! That takes a lot of time. Eventually I will work up to the exercise bike which is way, way harder and slowly up to half an hour which is my main goal. I can only do it in the early morning when the vertigo symptoms are lower though
    Nikki Albert recently posted…A Chronic Voice: July Prompts

  2. Louise

    Really enjoyed your post. It’s nice that lockdown has brought you closer as a family and made you less bothered about the less important things. I think that’s a positive to come out of all this, a sense of perspective and appreciation of the little things. Good luck with your healthy eating and exercise too – sounds like you have made a positive start 🙂

    • Anne Sweet

      Thanks, and although I’m surprised at our getting closer, it really has helped. (well apart from certain times of the month with three daughters if you know what I mean!) I’ve just ordered some more healthy stuff, I’m determined to improve my health by food and exercise now that I can’t seem to find a medication that works.
      Anne Sweet recently posted…Word of the Week 27, Family Time

  3. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    What an honest post – and one that so many of us can relate to. My son is doing his A-level equivalent of exams and I find myself arguing with him all the time about revision 🙁 My father in law and brother in law suffer from dystonia. This is the first time I have seen someone else mention it. Be well. #MMBC
    Lisa | Handmade in Israel recently posted…Nir and Jonny

    • Anne Sweet

      I was diagnosed with dystonia last year, although I know I’ve had it longer. It wasn’t until I went into the consultants room with my left side completely paralysed that he believed me. I’ve almost given up on arguing with kids about school work now, just two weeks until they break up for summer.
      Anne Sweet recently posted…Word of the Week 27, Family Time

  4. Catherine Green

    That sounds familiar! My husband is a key worker and since lockdown began we have barely seen him as he chooses to work 100+ hours per week. Work is more important than family for him, leaving me to work through a lot of emotions and find a balance with our children. It has been hard, but I’m in a better place now emotionally. I’m glad you are being gentle with yourself and enjoying the quiet time while you can.
    Catherine Green recently posted…Why Self Care is Important when your Spouse is Depressed

  5. Naomi

    Well I’ve genuinely only heard about steroids putting weight *on* for people so don’t be too hard on yourself! But getting more veg in your diet has got to be good thing so i hope it helps you feel better even if nothing changes weight wise- good luck!

  6. Rhiann

    I related to your comment that you are not a telephone person – I so am not either! I hate when having to phone someone, especially things like the DWP or anything official! I have tried using Zoom during the lockdown., though, and although I do often find self-conscious and worried how I look, it was nice speaking to other people and helped ease the loneliness and isolation I have struggled with for ages. A lovely post, thanks for sharing!

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