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  1. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! I get it. It was a rush getting the kids ready to leave for school and college but once they were out I could relax. I am not getting that time to relax until at least 4pm each day and it’s taking some getting used to.
    It is good your family all pull together when you are sick but it’s a shame that it takes that for them to get along.
    I think we all could do with a holiday. A change of scene would be really good.
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  2. Catherine Green

    I feel exactly the same! I am exhausted from getting the girls up in the morning, logging into their Zoom classes, persuading/forcing them to do the daily work set by school, and emailing photos of their work books to the teachers. Alongside this we have a highly reactive dog that barks at everything, and it doesn’t help that we have a pharmacy and post office just a few doors down from our house. It gets busy on the street! Let’s hope we all get a holiday later this year. I have something booked for the school Easter holiday but I’m dubious about it going ahead…
    Catherine Green recently posted…Chronic Voice Link-up: Defining my Life during Lockdown

  3. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    I get you, especially the feeling on high alert, it’s draining isn’t it?! I’ve been homeschooling for years but we still have our chaotic days. And I’m ready for my bed most nights.
    The holiday sounds amazing, just the thought of sitting by the sea and listening to the waves makes me smile. Oh one day Anne! One day. xx
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  4. Claire

    I definitely agree that a break is so good for our health. I haven’t been away for a few years now, other than a city break in 2019 for a long weekend. I would love to see the ocean and just have so calm. I think our bodies need it don’t they.

  5. Carrie Kellenberger

    Holiday time is so important! I had planned on going home last summer from Taiwan to Canada and the pandemic nixed that idea, so it has now been over two years since I’ve seen my family. We have a safe space with our cottage in North Bay, but based on how things are being handled in Canada, I’m not sure it will be safe to travel this summer. Hoping with all my heart that it is. Like you, I recharge and my heart gets lighter when I’m near the water!

  6. Louise

    Ahh it sounds like you are doing an AMAZING job. I don’t have kids but I am in awe of all those that are home-schooling at the moment. It can’t be easy at all. I hope you can manage to get a break soon, as it really sounds like you need it <3

    Louise X

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