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  1. Gattina

    I love these semi precious stones and have a lot of jewelry made with these stones. I also have a kind of dictionary with the description from where they came and for what they are good. That’s very interesting.

  2. Sarah

    Really lovely photographs of beautiful crystals. 🙂 I have a bowl full of tumblestones too. I love to just look at and hold them and, like you, am always learning about them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amila

    These are pretty crystals. You have a good collection. It is good to own such natural crystals.
    I have some jewellery with natural stones. But, I never thought of other things such as this crystal candle holder.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Catherine

    I’ve seen several blogposts about crystals lately and am really interested in learning more about which crystals would work for me. I could really do with some energy giving crystals :o)


    • Anne Sweet

      If you want to, you can drop me an e-mail using my contact form on about page. Let me know what you want help with and I’ll suggest crystals for you. I could also send you some remote Reiki. This is something I’m working on doing in the near future so you would be helping me too.

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