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  1. Deborah

    School funding and training for SEN is miserly which then affects the children who need it. I am so sorry your children are not having their needs met by the school. I would support my children rather than the school in this case. Maybe you should consider moving both your children to a new school. I hope everything works out for them and you. Glad you enjoyed the sausage rolls and the doughnuts.

  2. Kim Carberry

    Good on Boo and her friends for making a stand, why should they go to their form room if they don’t feel safe. Good grief, that is shocking about her form tutor being arrested. It sounds like they made the right choice to stay away.
    Your poor Little Man. It sounds like the school is really effecting him. I hope you get things sorted.
    Greggs sausage rolls are the best. I am sure they went towards Star feeling better. hehehe x

  3. Joleisa

    Oh-oh! What a week! And what a post!
    The thing that stood out for me in the post was Little Man and the detention. Right away, my teacher hat came on. I remember the stress I went through with disruptive kids who were disruptive because of their autism. I do always try to understand. The problem is that the others complain about them being noisy or annoying and you (as the teacher) are trying to create a calming, welcoming and pleasant learning environment which is absolutely impossible. This might be controversial, but I have always thought that some kids need to be in a special school or at least special classroom groups with very small numbers. To me, it is more manageable and easier to maintain. Schools, as I see them now, is just business operation so a lot of things are going to be overlooked. We can always hope for better.
    ps we need the goss on the arrest. LOL

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s a bit more complicated with The Little Man. He is being bullied, but they are more cunning and they know how to wind him up which makes him misbehave. But then he gets into trouble and the bullies get away with it. He was getting help but it seems like they can’t help anyone at the moment. I will give the gossip on the arrested teacher, but I’m a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty. It does look like this teacher is guilty though.

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love that Star picked ‘sausage roll’ as your word of the week – I’m now tempted to start asking Sophie to choose mine! Hope you enjoyed your sausage rolls from Greggs. I saw your post about Boo’s form tutor – no wonder she didn’t feel safe. So awful. It sounds like the school aren’t doing great with Little Man either – good luck with trying to change schools and I hope you can manage to find somewhere that will be more supportive. Poor Star, glad her neck pain got better. Hope that this weekend has been more relaxing for you after what sounds like a very stressful week. Hugs to you all x #WotW

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