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  1. Kim Carberry

    I am glad your appointment with the consultant went well. That is brilliant that you can do your bit to help educate new doctors.
    My youngest has thought about the 2 colleges near us. The one she is going to is fantastic in the engineering department and has whole workshops and the other she would be doing all written and theory work so it was a no brainer. My girl will have to get the bus and she is fine with that, she has the advantage of knowing other people going to the same college and she knows the area. When her sister started college we’d just moved here and we knew nothing so it seemed a lot scarier.
    It sounds like you are moving in the right direction with getting your Little Man back into a school. Good luck with the ECHP. x

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    Next steps for education are tricky. One option we have is a college that is two bus rides a way ( plus a long walk) and I know I would end up driving them in. I hope Boo finds the perfect option for her. What a great idea for you to make a video for your consultant’s students. Better understanding is so important. Good luck with the EHCP process. I hope it is swift for Little Man’s sake. It would be wonderful if you could get him into a school you know and like. Fingers crossed for you all.

  3. Ruth

    So good to hear that you’ve had a better week. All the best to Boo as she chooses her college.All of this can be quite overwhelming but also exciting. Fingers crossed that your little man will be able to go to the school your other boys went to.

  4. Sim's Life

    Good luck to Boo in her college journey, such an exciting time and I am sure she will choose the right one for her!
    How fabulous that your consultant asked you to make a video that will help others!
    Sim – #PoCoLo x

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Good idea to write questions down with hospital appointments – it is so easy to forget otherwise. That’s good that you’re willing to be involved in helping educate doctors about your condition. Good luck to Boo with choosing a college and hope that transport there and back won’t be a problem for her. Glad that the LEA visitor was happy with the work Little Man is doing and good luck with getting him into a better school. #WotW

  6. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    It sounds like a good week of educating. I have been thinking about the children’s next steps. My daughter has two more years before a move and my son three. It worries me what he will do next and I think, hope, I know where my little last will go next. I think she will have to travel on her own but who knows? Good luck in getting a EHCP. I have a feeling we might need to apply for another one of those #WotW

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