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  1. Kim Carberry

    It does sound like a full on week emotional wise but it sounds like a lot of talking has been done which I am sure has helped.
    So sorry about your fall, Star really was a star! I hope you are OK now.
    Ahh! My youngest is more of a barker than a talker too. lol I am glad things are a little better at school for him. x

  2. Karen

    I guess it’s all got to come out at some point. It’s good they’ve got their feelings out rather than keeping them bottled up. I like jugs! I’m glad he’s having a better time at school.

  3. joleisa

    Oh, how it helps to let out your emotions SOMETIMES! I say that because I am one of those who feel that some things are better left unsaid. Glad you are all helping each other out with the emotions and I am especially happy that Little Man had a better week and an extra day off at school. I don’t understand about Graham but I suppose I have missed out a lot. Hope next week is better and you’ve got over the fall.

  4. Jayne

    You are all going through such a lot by the sounds of it. And it’s good that you can all talk to each other and try to process what has happened. Brighter days will come mate.

    I’m so glad that you are OK after your fall, that must have been pretty scary! Also, brilliant news that little man is having an easier time at school. Long may it continue! Sending big hugs xx

  5. Ruth

    You’ve all gone through a lot and It’s good that you could talk things through and let those emotions out. Sorry to hear that you had a fall. That would have been very frightening and I hope that you are ok! I’m happy to hear your Little Man had a better week at school, that’s fantastic news!

  6. Catherine

    It’s really tough when everybody in the family is going through an emotional time at once and a fall doesn’t help things either. It’s good that your kids can open up about how they feel, even if you sometimes feel that you can’t really help. I’m happy to hear that Little Man had a better week at school :o)


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