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  1. joleisa

    The winds this week were bad here too! Luckily we still got done what we needed to but there were lots of overturned bins and rubbish scattered everywhere! That birthday celebration sounds yummy. Hopefully things within the household quieten down soon.

  2. Kim Carberry

    I think all of the words for this week that I have seen I could used, especially storm! I am so over the storms and them keeping me awake on a night. I hope you can get your patio door fixed soon. That is good that the large tree was already cut down.
    Oh no! I hope Boo and your Little Man feel better soon.
    Happy birthday to your eldest, it sounds like you had a lovely time. You do right staying home and getting a take out. x

  3. Karen

    Fortunately we didn’t get any damage from the storms. I hope the other storms you’ve had deal with pass and everyone starts to feel better. Take away and cake sounds like a brilliant way to celebrate!

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It certainly was stormy last week. Hope your patio door is fixed soon. Sorry that life has been stormy too and hope that Boo and Little Man are feeling better now. Sounds like your eldest had a nice birthday and glad you all enjoyed having a take-out and cake. Hope this week has been a better one for you x #WotW

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