Kindness Day 2017

Today is kindness day, did you even know? I like to treat every day as kindness day, I don’t always give gifts or help people out, but that doesn’t matter, sometimes just a simple comment or gesture is enough.

Kindness spreads like ripples on a pond. Do an act of kindness, like dropping a stone in the water and the ripples will take it further and further and that lily pad will have no idea why it’s suddenly moving but it will like it.

But did you know that kindness is healthy too? Forget your special diets or exercise, all you need is to do something kind and treat your blood vessels and your heart to oxytocin. Scientific studies have shown that oxytocin is not only good for your mental health it has physical benefits too. It may even make you live longer. How do you get more oxytocin? Be kind, show love, give someone a hug. It’s as easy as that.

‘Live from the heart, good for the heart.’

So, what are you going to do today that’s kind?
Here are a few suggestions that anyone may find easy.

  • Call and chat to someone you think might be lonely
  • Take a minute to help someone even if you’re in a rush
  • Help a mother carry her pushchair upstairs
  • Hold the door open for those behind you
  • Sign up to the organ donor register
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Let someone go in front of you in the queue
  • Give someone a compliment – it can make their day, week or year!
  • When making a tea or coffee, offer to make one for anyone else who would like one
  • Leave money in a parking metre, ticket or vending machine for the next person
  • Share positive posts on your social media pages
  • Donate clothes to a charity shop or offer them to friends instead of throwing them out
  • Send an appreciative text to a friend or family member
I’m in a group on Facebook for bloggers with children who have extra needs and we decided that we’d be kind by treating each other. We set it up anonymously, like a Secret Santa, and sent each other little gifts. Often, we parents, don’t treat ourselves well, we do all we can to ensure the well being of our families, but who thinks of us? We don’t do it for the rewards, well, not the material rewards anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to know that someone is just thinking about you and has taken a moment to treat you to something nice. Of course it’s also nice to give a little something to someone else who may be in the same position. Kindness breeds kindness. Here is the gift I received. I wish you could smell it, it’s a lovely Snowman from Lush and it smells divine. Thank you so much to my gifter, I love it.

Lush Snowman bath bomb sitting in a box

I hope all my reader’s have a truly lovely day today and remember a little kindness is good for the heart and the soul.

Do 1 nice thing for someone today, thank you

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

My reviews may all be positive, but they are still genuine.