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  1. Lisa Pomerantz

    I love that there is a kindness day, and I think this owrld of ours could use it. Perhaps if you and me keep spreading it daily, the others will catch on? I hope so! Enjoy all days! Kindness counts! #mg xoxo

  2. mackenzieglanville

    I am like you I see every day as an opportunity for kindness! I think kindness is free and makes everyone feel great. I love the gift idea and how cute is your snowman! Thank you so much for kindly linking up with #mg and making me happy today xx

  3. Ebony D.

    I think every day should be kindness day and people would behave with each other with love care and respect. Because if we follow these simple rule in our daily routine then there would be no need to celebrate Kindness day on specifically.

  4. AutismMumma

    It’s lovely to read all of the happy, motivational posts, the one thing that rings out at me from your post is to treat your body kindly too. Thinking a lot about that atm #TheMMLinky

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