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  1. Emma T

    I'm a Christmas planner. I like to spread the cost and the planning, but that doesn't work with the OH's family who don't discuss anything til December which is a nightmare for me as I've usually done my shopping by then. I love the whole Christmas thing – but it's not very traditional here because the men all have to feed the animals early morning and then mid afternoon, so not like I'd have thought our adult Christmasses to be. Having a 3yo this year, should hopefully get the OH more excited though.

    (Although my mum's seriously ill and Christmas could end up being a horrible time this year – which is awful to think about – potentially the first Christmas I've never spent with her).

  2. The Beesley Buzz

    I don't have good memories of Christmas as a child so I dread this time of year but do my best to enjoy it for the kids. I always dream about going away but then I know that we'll just have to 'do' Christmas either before or after so that grandparents get to see the kids (they would never let us just escape it). I like your plan about enjoying Christmas! I'll try to do the same too. xxx

  3. The Reading Residence

    Planning to enjoy yourself has to be the best plan. I love Christmas, and as we always spend the day with family, never cooking here, it's pretty easy to plan. I enjoy the lists for cards and presents and writing and wrapping, and after that, the plan it just to have fun 🙂

  4. A family day out

    Definitely go with the flow rather than plan. Although we do have a neighbours get together at our house each December so I'll need to get some decorations up and mince pies baked in time for that! #pocolo

  5. Nell Heshram

    Your post made me start to feel excited! I like to plan too, but not too strictly. For me, planning's fun too, so if it doesn't happen exactly as I'd foreseen, then at least I've had fun thinking about it all! I have a feeling this year's Christmas is going o be a good one….

  6. Victoria Welton

    My ex 'didn't do' Christmas which was very hard coming from a family of 7 children and lots of family time. We used to go away for Christmas – I'm glad I've experienced that but much prefer now with Ross who is a real family man 🙂 Great post, thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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