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  1. Amanda

    Gosh, what a lot to think about… choosing a school is never easy, but when you factor in additional needs it must feel overwhelming at times. I do so hope that all goes well with the transition to secondary school for Star and that the school works closely with you to support her in the best possible ways.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      you generally find that even if the kids all come from the same primary they split them up when they get to secondary school anyway. It's a time of change, but it's so hard for some kids to cope. I hope Maxi gets on ok in his new school. Summer schools are a great way to get to know the other kids.

  2. Lady Nym

    Good luck to both of you. I'm just going to start the whole school thing this coming September and it fills me with dread. It seems like there's so much more at stake the older they get.


  3. Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

    Schools are such a minefield when you have to consider so many different things, add in SEN and it is even harder to come to a decision you can be completely happy with until you've been through the experience. I am sure she will love it, and I hope it is the right decision for you both! Thank you for linking up t #spectrumsunday. I really hope you come and join me again this week xx

  4. Michelle Ordever

    Having been through the selecting of secondary school process, I know how stressful it can be. Having to factor in special needs for your children, must make the process even more stressful. I hope that Stars transition to the next stage of school goes well.

  5. Charly Dove

    Oh Anne it's such a stressful process finding the right school isn't it. So glad you've found somewhere suitable though, must be a relief. And I hope you're doing alright. I have to say after the experience we had not getting into the local school and losing an appeal I'm not looking forward to secondary school! 🙂

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