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  1. Northumberland Mam

    Despite everything it sounds like you had a great time….
    hehehe! Good for you for not worrying about the people who deliberately got in your way….If they don't have respect for you and your wheelchair they deserve a bump to their ankles.
    Good luck to your hubby with his driving lessons…

  2. stephstwogirls

    Anne you are doing amazingly well – never forget you've had a huge lifestyle change, that many others wouldn't cope with half as well. You have a brilliant attitude to it all and I'm glad you had a lovely holiday in my hometown with great weather! Ooops re the socks and shoes, funny how they can be so literal isn't it?! x

  3. raisiebay

    Thank you Kim, I can't wait until my other half is driving now…although it's my biggest dream to be able to drive myself again, even if I have to do it with hand controls.

  4. Lady Nym

    I'm really sorry there were some rude people who got impatient about you being in a wheelchair and I'm shocked at the woman on the train refusing to move!! But I'm glad you had a good time overall and the part about the shoes and socks made me laugh. I don't think you 'failed' as an autism mum; I have done similar without thinking about the exact language I'm using.


  5. Clare

    I'm so glad it hasn't put you off. You deserve a break every now and again! You definitely didn't fail as an autism mum, sometimes it is easy to forget how literal some directions can be taken! Thank you for joining me on #spectrumsunday. Hope to 'see' you again this week xx

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