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  1. Jean |

    Raisie, I’m so impressed with your blogging history and skills! I didn’t get started until 2010, and I still don’t know what I’m doing! So sorry about your health difficulties, which you seem to be managing with panache.

  2. Debbie

    Hi Anne, you must have been one of the first bloggers way back then!… A couple of years back I said I’d like to take part in Blogtober, but know I could never keep it up for the entire month. My brain wouldn’t come up with post ideas on a daily basis… Cancer is one of my biggest fears, it doesn’t care who it takes.I hope you never have to use that insurance.

    Sending you invisible inspiration vibes for Blogtober.


  3. Rebecca Beesley

    I loved reading more about your background, your family and blogging history. A librarian blog!!! Wow!! I’m so intrigued by that. Are any of your old blogs still in existence out there? Do you explain anywhere about your blogging name raisie bay? I’m so sorry that what we all hoped would be a short time of illness for you has become so ongoing. You do such an amazing job of raising awareness about it. Xxx

    • Anne Sweet

      The only blog still in existence is Baby Number five, although there is no posts on it since I moved over to here. I’d love to recover my library blog but it’s lost in cyber space. I do remember getting an e-mail asking me to change the name of the blog because I’d used the name of the library in it and it was getting more web traffic than the official library blog, haha. I know some of the students used my material to make a parody song in for the end of year concert. They called Librarian Girl, and sang it to the tune of Madonna’s Material Girl. It was very cringy. As for Raisie Bay, I do explain in my very first post on here. It’s kind of my maiden name with a bit of mixing up to make it sound less like a real name. xx

  4. Rachel Simons

    15 years of blogging wow, well done that is quite an achievement, I remember having to do everything with HTML it was quite time-consuming. Congratulations on getting married. Sorry to read that your illness is progressive. I look forward to getting to know more about you as the month goes on #Blogtober18

  5. Mandi

    Welcome back and congratulations on getting married, its so lovely to find out whats been happening over the last few years(apart from the illness obviously). Looking forward to reading more throughout the month x

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