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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    What lovely photos. I’m usually the one pulling the serious photos in selfies because I find them hard to take! Wow, you do have big age gaps in your family! There’s nine years between me and my sister, which means my niece and nephew are 6 and 4.

    • Anne Sweet

      My older brothers are 14 and 15 years older than me, my younger brother was 8 years younger. My eldest is 17 years older than Star and 22 years older than my youngest! My brothers eldest son is 19 years older than his youngest daughter. Yep, big age gaps indeed.

  2. Susan Mann

    lol on my husband takes photos like that. Such gorgeous photos and looks like a lovely evening out. My oldest would be the same sneaking a look at his phone. Hope you have a good week. xx

  3. Louisa

    What a lovely photo of you and your husband, although I have to agree he does look rather serious! I find it really hard to take a selfie.
    It looks like you had a wonderful evening. We don’t allow phones at the table either but I know my children would do so if they got the chance too! #MMBC

  4. Kate

    Lovely photos of memory-making in progress. My husband even looked utterly miserable and serious in our wedding pics! Lovely to see a family all together for fun times. #MMBC

  5. RachelSwirl

    Selfies are hard to take at the best of times, never mind when surrounded by family and friends at a table. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #mysundaysnapshot.

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