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  1. Tracey A Abrahams

    I’m coming up to midlife now and can see how people can develop crisises. I think some of this is to do with family (especially for women). When the kids have flown the nest all if a sudden there is a sense of who am I, what do I want to do with my life now. I know plenty of marriages that have ended at this period in a womans life as they have decided they are done with just being mum/the (generally under appreciated) wife.


  2. Laurie

    Very provocative post! I don’t know if I had a mid-life crisis, but there was a pivotal time in my life when a lot of my attitudes changed right about that time. I think I changed for the better, but I’m not exactly an objective observer. I think my mom’s death sparked the changes. I think you are exactly right – if you’re happy with what you’ve achieved, that’s a great start!

    • Anne Sweet

      My Mum’s death made a huge impact on my life, as did my sudden disability. I’m not sure things changed for the better though, I’m certainly looking for some positivity, but maybe in the wrong places?

  3. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    I am at that mid life crisis age, I’d like to think I’m sailing through it OK, but you never know what’s round the corner or what triggers the out of character things in each of us.

  4. chickenruby

    I often joke that i haven’t had a midlife crisis and I’m almost 48. My husband I think is having his 2nd. I was his first at 42 when he met me at 28 and now he’s buying a sports car aged 61.

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