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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Good luck to Star with getting her GCSE choices. How interesting that you got to meet a couple of other people with the same condition as you and hope it was helpful although sorry to hear it was a little disheartening too. Meal choices are something we struggle with at times too – hope your epic shopping trip has helped with that. Thanks for hosting #WotW

  2. Angela Webster

    Fingers crossed for Star getting her choices. What a coincidence meeting those people it must have been for a reason I’m sure. Sorry to hear the treatment options were disheartening, I hope there’s better news soon for you. I also have a house full of fussy eaters, husband included it can be such a nightmare sometimes. Hope you have a nice bank holiday weekend x

  3. Laurie

    Good luck to your daughter deciding which option is best for her. From reading your blog, it seems to me like she has a genuine concern for your well-being. It’s amazing that you met other people with the same 1-in-a-million condition as you. What a coincidence. I hope you can all encourage each other and be a support group for one another. Best wishes for the coming week!

  4. Sarah Christie

    Ah bless you Anne, it must be so hard managing some of these events. Hope Star feels she made the right decisions although I am sure there must be leeway to change. I hope it helped talking to fellow sufferers it must be so lonely suffering from a rare condition no one understands. And we get that here too when everyone gets fed up with meal options x

  5. Kim Carberry

    Eek! GCSE option nights at school are made out to be such a big deal but really they aren’t, especially when the child already knows what they are wanting to do. To be honest when we went with my teen it was just us going around all the teachers with them saying they wanted her to study that subject or didn’t. You didn’t miss out on much, I’m sure. Good luck to Star!
    Good luck with the new meals. I feel in a bit of a rut with meal planning. I want to eat summer things like salad and BBQ food but the weather isn’t playing fair. If I cook a roast it’s boiling out and if I plan a salad it’s wet & grey! lol
    Wow! Fancy meeting 2 other people with the same condition. So sorry the chat was disheartening x

  6. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Hope Star is able to take the options she wants. She sounds like a thoughtful person. What odds to be there at the same time as other people with your condition. Can only be a good thing to have an opportunity to compare notes and hear other options. I’m sorry it wasn’t all positive. I think you are a brave person to take everyone to the supermarket. We go through stages of either being stuck in a rut, or meal choices not suiting everyone. Seem to have it right at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time. Thanks for hosting.

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