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  1. Ken S

    I really like the Charcoal Grey one and have the perfect place to put it, the only problem would be trying to get to it before the kids do. ?

  2. Lindsey Stuart

    This beanchair looks super cute and comfy! I would choose the Ochre Yellow, very refreshing and bright, it would be perfect in my living room.

  3. laura milton

    Do you know what i love about the picture of the boy playign his game – the cat just grumpily sitting waiting for him to move so it can taker the best seat itself 😀 just like my cat!! Anyway I would love the charcoal grey for my living room/or cat haha!

  4. Lauren Hobson

    I would choose charcoal grey…it’s a lovely colour…well all three are…but it looks classy and it wouldn’t stain easily if anything was spilt on it!!

  5. Chris Arnold

    I’d choose Charcoal Grey – it would hide all the stains from spilled wine and spaghetti bolognese…

  6. Jason Rollins

    Hi. Those chairs are adorable. I am a gamer and blogger. So I have to be in front of my desktop all the time. The thing that I want to know is, if this chair is back friendly. You see I had back pain once. Now don’t have any, just being cautious.

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