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  1. Lisa Ehrman

    I find it so interesting that a lot of people have had the IVIG. One of my friends with Ehlers’ Danlos got a little help with that. I don’t think my insurance will cover the high expense, though. I am glad to hear that it helped you to be stable.

    • Anne Sweet

      This is why I’m grateful that in the UK we have our wonderful NHS, my consultant just has to apply for funding and I don’t need to worry about the cost. Sadly, our government is working it’s way into selling off the NHS so then we will have to pay for our own treatments. My daughter has EDS I didn’t even know that IVIG was good for that.

  2. Nikki Albert

    I too remain isolating in an area opening up. I also do not like all these ‘associated’ symptoms and longer term affects of COVID… they worry me a great deal if I were to get it and I am sure a second wave is coming in the fall. Anyway, my asthma is out of control and until I get it under some semblance of control I worry a great deal what would happen if I get this virus so I remain indoors.

    • Anne Sweet

      It depends, you do get to choose your recipes, but a lot of them are vegetable based so there is more cutting to do. A spiraliser is handy if you have one. You can buy ready made meals, but they are a fair bit more expensive. I’ve just bought some smoothies for breakfast, but it would be a lot cheaper to make my own. I love them, but I am trying to be honest here.

  3. Catherine Green

    I have been hesitant about leaving lockdown, even though I didn’t have to shield or isolate. My chronic illness is a rare one and nobody pays it much attention so I mostly carry on as usual. We seem to have escaped the virus so far, although I was sure we picked something up at the Blue Planet Aquarium on 1st August! We’ve had no symptoms so that was a lucky escape.

    I will be glad to send my children back to school and get into routine again, although we’ve been told that Brownies will not start back until after Christmas possibly, and our dance teacher is still trying to establish her requirements to reopen. The “New Normal” eh?!
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  4. Carrie Marshall / John Kellenberger

    Hi Anne,

    It’s so interesting to visit each person’s blog and see how they are reacting to what has happened this year. First off, I’m so sorry you lost your holidays. We had tickets to the Tokyo Olympics in July and I even had disability seats (and reservations about how much I could actually do), but it’s hard to have that taken away.

    Like you, my husband is the only person doing the shopping and going out, but he has been doing this for years now. I can’t do it and he seems to enjoy it. Taiwan had two months of mask-free freedom since we eliminated the virus early in the year, but we’re back to masks again now that school has started up and entry to Taiwan has been relaxed. I’m grateful my husband has continued to wear his mask it. It’s just something that almost everyone complies with here, especially when the government says put your masks back on!

    I can’t imagine how parents are coping with their kids going back to school this year. I hope you and your family take care.
    Carrie Marshall / John Kellenberger recently posted…The Cost of Chronic Illness and Maintaining An Income When You Are Chronically Ill

    • Anne Sweet

      In our Country, a band of people find mask wearing oppressive and I’m sure it won’t be long before our numbers start rising. I’m so worried about the kids going back to school, but I want to give the chance of a little normality in such a strange year. I’ll definitely be taking every precaution though.

  5. Rhiann

    Hi Anne, Another great and very relatable blog post. I agree that the threat of the virus is still very much worrying and like you much of my time has been spent indoors. Although this week I did go out with my carer for the first time since before the lockdown. Interestingly, although wearing a mask hasn’t been madated here in Wales, it was surprising how many people were actually wearing one; and I made sure that I did to help protect other people. I was nervous about going out, after becoming more unsteady during the lockdown but wasn’t as bad as I thought – still kept it simple by just going for a coffee at a small, local garden centre. Glad, yoiu and your son had some nivce together watching films – has always been one of my favourite things to do with my Mum!

  6. Carolina Watts

    Such a good and relatable post! I too have been limiting my time outside of my home and contact with others despite the fact that things seem to be opening back up more and more. Stay safe!

  7. Sheryl Chan

    Thanks for joining us once again, Anne, and loved reading about you and your family life, on the other side of the world 🙂 It’s so different from mine and that’s interesting to me. I guess all of us are really healing in one way or another on the inside, huh. And yes – I get sidetracked by chocolate AND cake all the time (and more but don’t tell!).

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